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[Mobile][Music] Bring Back Albums' Length


Spotify removes albums' length in the last update. Vote to bring it back!

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for adding your vote to this idea. 


You can find the album length by heading to the Album page and swiping the album cover to reveal the name of the artist and the album length. On Desktop, the run time will appear at the top of the album page. 


We hope this clears things up!




Agreed, I wish the album length was added back, and if possible, add track length as well, it’d be really useful


It doesn’t make any sense to remove the album length. It was replaced with number of songs. I can count. I have a half hour before the world explodes, do I have time to listen to Ziggy Stardust? Hold on let me google it.


This is a no-brainer. There was abosolutely no reason to remove it in the first place. I like being able to see that information, (as well as precise release date, but that's another fish to fry)


 You now have the release year of the album in two places (at the top, and below the song list)  but no album length. I don’t get it! Why is release date so important as to have it twice in case I missed it the first time? Bring back album length! 


There is absolutely no reason to not have album duration. If I only have 45 minutes to listen to an album and I decide to try listening to Animals by Pink Floyd, I don’t want to have to turn it off during Pigs in the Wing 2. Oh—wait—I don’t actually know if Animals more than 45 minutes anymore. Thank you, Spotify, for removing this incredibly useful piece of information for absolutely no reason!   *sarcasm*


I agree with the sentiment here. Album lenght should be visible and it's ridiculous that I have to look up that info elsewhere. Never mind that this data can be hard to find for obscure releases.


Spotify and streaming as a way of consuming music is at a point where improving metadata no longer can be seen as low on the priority list. Fans of classical music would certainly agree.


I get that it can be hard to find and organize all album credits, but in the meanwhile, I really want to encourage the Spotify UX team to at least not remove basic meta data and information that essentially is available for free, or at least for the very low price of screen real estate. Track and album lenghts in listings is obviously information included with the main data.


Some of us still listen to and enjoy albums. In fact, instant access to an endless catalog of must-hear albums is one of the things that mesmerized and bound me to Spotify. I first subscribed to a year's worth of premium on March 15 2009 (yup, I have the receipt in my e-mail inbox, and I even wrote a little essay about it to celebrate this anniversary).


That is, I've been a customer for over ten years, and haven't skipped a single month of my subscription since, so please take this as a friendly nod from one of your no doubt most long-time customers.


This is basic music info. Seems crazy it was removed in the first place. Please bring it back!


I just noticed that the playlist view still lists the play time/lenght.


So, now this discussion isn't any longer limited to the inclusion or removal of a feature. We're actually discussing rudimental consistency in user interface design.


Please bring back the album lenght tracker.


I find album length to be a really important element of listening to music. It’s part of what I take into consideration when thinking about an album and deciding to listen to it and even understanding it as a full piece of art. 


Please bring it back! It was always there and so simple to continue having! Why take the active step to remove this? I don’t understand. 


This has to be the most basic, simplistic but irrationally stupid thing Spotify has ever done. There is simply no point in removing the album length. Bring it back.