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[Mobile][Playlists] Remove Apple Watch 50 Song Limit

I am so grateful that we finally can download Spotify playlists on the Apple Watch, but I was pretty disappointed to find out that there is a 50 song limit per playlist. I’m not sure if that is on purpose for formatting or storage concerns, but I would love to see that limit removed so that I can download full playlists to my Watch and listen to all my music without having to have my phone on me. 

Updated on 2023-07-05

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that now there’s a limit of 100 downloads per playlist. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


The limit is garbage... I just bought a new apple watch and am severely disappointed to learn this. Ruins my plans for it. It would even be better if it was at least the 50 NEWEST songs added to the playlist, rather than the oldest... I want to hear my latest music most anyways.


Thankful to all of you for sharing and supporting. We’re a Live Idea, now with over 200 votes!! Hopefully this issue will be dealt with soon! Keep sharing and commenting and we should be listening to full playlists soon! 

Also check out this post: If they don’t remove the limit, a better sorting system would be pretty nice.


Seriously considering cancelling my Apple Watch contract within my 14 days as I can’t even download my full gym playlist to it which was the main reason I got one. The watch has plenty of storage space so this Spotify limitation feels silly. Apple Music is looking more tempting. 


@Spotify is anybody from you guys even interested in user feedback. Why are there no responses from you here? Why don't you guys just send all comments directly to the bin as this seems to be how you think about customer/user feeback.


Well I canceled my Spotify 3 months ago and I’m now using Apple Music.. there a easy ways to move your playlist and you can actually use your watch to download music on.

yes, I see the point. It seems Spotify does not care a single bit to keep
their paying customers.

There's no reason for the 50 songs cap if you can create multiple playlists that allow you to exceed that total. It just creates more work for the users. Things like this are what make me consider apple music instead. Make a cap based on device storage availability not playlist capacity.




+1 on this.


It's frustrating to just have 50 musics when you have big playlists and you want to listen to the last songs.


The best case would be to not have a limit and the user could choose how to manage its storage space, but if this isn't doable for some reason at least increase the playlist size to 150+ songs.


Spotify seems way more concerned about Joe Rogan than it’s users. I have been a user since it was invite only.. but there’s just no way I can continue to support this company. It was raised to a “good idea” 11 days after this post… which was 7 months ago. If they cared they would be embarrassed.