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[Mobile][Podcasts] Toggle Video for podcasts on mobile

Listening to JRE Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify using my phone. The app uses too much data as it streams video. I would love the option to turn off video feed to save on data, otherwise I cant freely listen to JRE wherever I am.


I do love the video feed, much better functionality than Apple podcasts, so I do love having this available, but I want to be able to switch it off especially when not on wifi.

Another feature could be the option to download Audio and / or video in advance (so we can choose if want to download audio only or video as well). That would solve a lot of my data problems. 


Updated on 2021-10-19

Hey folks,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


You'll be happy to know that it's now possible to toggle off video for podcasts when you're not on WiFi.


Happy listening🎙


It looks like you're all too busy taking meetings about trying to take certain JRE podcasts down rather than actually looking into making the ridiculous easy request an option. It shouldn't really even be up for discussion. 


How hard could this be?  Spotify invests big in JRE, then drops the ball on presentation!


How many votes do you need to look at this issue. And this shouldn't be an issue that comes down to votes? From a functionality perspective, I'm using Spotify to listen to audio. If I wanted video I'd go to YouTube. Until you're able to toggle the video off, remove it from the platform. Do your engineers  and designers use Spotify that they didn't realise this is a bad idea when they were doing sprint planning?


Having taken Joe Rogan off all podcast apps with the exclusivity deal the least you could do is provide the same basic functionality that all listeners were used to prior to his change. Give us the option to just download the audio. I used to be able to download an episode in seconds now it takes 5-10 minutes. Please fix this asap


Has this been addressed?   Ive still not moved from apple podcasts because of this.  


Hey @Lucas2020 @pi_patrol @allendick @crewey,


Thanks for reaching out about this!


We've received confirmation that the ability to download only the audio for podcasts with video has now been rolled out to 100% of Android and iOS users.


Since you commented on this thread recently reporting that you don't have the option, would you mind confirming that you can now see the toggle for 'Audio-only podcasts' in the app settings?


Keep us posted!


I can confirm the toggle is in settings (iOS)

BUT  it has no effect.

I still get video. Am I doing something wrong?


many thanks for your time


Well, that is a start, but not what we requested. 


AFAIK, nobody cares about video when downloading podcasts.  At least I don't. 


People generally downlead on wifi, but stream on cellular data. 


I need to stream podcasts without video.


Oh.  I see at least one person cares about downloading.  I don't.  I care about streaming.


still not resolved

so now there is settings in Settings > Data Saver > Audio-only podcasts (Saves only the audio when downloading video podcasts).

The key is to listen to audio podcast and not be bothered by video which drains batteries and data plans while we want to just listen. Is this so hard to understand?

Podcast are mainly for listening, it’s like the main feature of podcasts OH MY GOD