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[Mobile][Podcasts] Toggle Video for podcasts on mobile

Status: Implemented

Listening to JRE Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify using my phone. The app uses too much data as it streams video. I would love the option to turn off video feed to save on data, otherwise I cant freely listen to JRE wherever I am.


I do love the video feed, much better functionality than Apple podcasts, so I do love having this available, but I want to be able to switch it off especially when not on wifi.

Another feature could be the option to download Audio and / or video in advance (so we can choose if want to download audio only or video as well). That would solve a lot of my data problems. 


Updated on 2021-10-19

Hey folks,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


You'll be happy to know that it's now possible to toggle off video for podcasts when you're not on WiFi.


Happy listening🎙


I’m not looking to “download” either. 
I jump in my van and choose what I want to listen to based on how I feel. 
im not planning things in advance as my life doesn’t work like that. 

why can’t we just stream the Audio like like normal?


The option is showing in my settings ( Android OS). However, the app still downloads video and plays video even with the toggle set to Audio-only podcasts.  You guys and gals at Spotify are half thinking in the right direction but, It would be nice if it actually did what it said. Also, as nearly everyone here has stated.......

podcast is an episodic series of spoken words. 


So, here's a question for you.

Ben watched an episode of the office last night on his phone.

Did Ben

A) Listen to a podcast  

B) Watch TV 

C) Read a book






Same problem here with JRE video eating up my data. On my other podcasting app I could see how large the file size every episode was. Can Spotify add this feature, so at least I can try to manage data usage better/ more easily?


No more JRE for me until this is changed 😞

 I’m usually outside walking when I listen to podcasts. I never watch the video. Now I won’t listen bc I’m not using my data for video that I don’t even watch. 

What  colossal miss on Spotify’s part! It should be about choice. Don’t force me to stream a video when all I want is audio.


If I was conspiratorial, I’d think the woke geniuses at Spotify were intentionally sabotaging the JRE podcast by forcing us to stream the video, thereby making it less available to a segment of listeners that are data deprived.


This would be ironic though, because the wokies that claim to love broke people like me, would be disproportionately affecting us by making the JRE product less available. However, they would likely justify this contradiction by believing that they are saving us broke stupid people from the evils of Joe Rogan. 

A potential workaround would be if our friend Joe Rogan would release a second podcast channel with only audio.  I really want to listen to the Wim  Hof episode. 


This is the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen, especially on an app mostly used for audio. Wish he hadn’t gone to Spotify. No wonder I never used Spotify for podcast before, it is a terrible podcast platform. Guess I’m not listening to JRE anymore.


Would love acknowledgement that this is being considered seriously by something other than a bot. As a longtime JRE listener, but not a Spotify premium subscriber — this purchase may have brought me over to the service. Instead I realize even if I switch from Apple Music to Spotify I won’t be able to enjoy the podcasts on the move as I once did. 

If this is being amended I can confidently say that I would use the service. Without it, it’s just another disappointing decision to gobble up quality content before thinking about the end user experience. 

Please just advice the users of the decision. Thank you. 


I can't believe that this has not been addressed yet. It has to be political.  Spotify staff have revolted against Rogan and are deliberately handicapping his longtime followers.  There can be no other explanation--unless maybe they are not technically able to separate the video and audio.  I find that hard to believe.  Time to fire everyone and get some people who can do.

An easy workaround would be to make two different JRE podcasts. 1) JRE with
video and 2) JRE audio only. Surely, young Jamie can handle that!

I really wonder how this simple feature could've been missed by Spotify staff. Its not like you dont have the infrastructure to split audio\video in the stream as this is a easy problem to solve for anyone with the resources you have! Dont Spotify see you are loosing customers due to this?


Im a long time JRE listener and a long time Spotify user. Its a shame that one of my fav companies blocks one of my fav podcasts, and just looking in the another direction when tje issue is brought up in its own forums.

Please take this community seriously, its basicly free UX designers.

You guys are killing my dataplan right now.


It is usually such a good service, so it makes me sad to see this is overlooked.


Rant over, thanks.