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[Mobile][Podcasts] Toggle Video for podcasts on mobile

Listening to JRE Joe Rogan Experience on Spotify using my phone. The app uses too much data as it streams video. I would love the option to turn off video feed to save on data, otherwise I cant freely listen to JRE wherever I am.


I do love the video feed, much better functionality than Apple podcasts, so I do love having this available, but I want to be able to switch it off especially when not on wifi.

Another feature could be the option to download Audio and / or video in advance (so we can choose if want to download audio only or video as well). That would solve a lot of my data problems. 


Updated on 2021-10-19

Hey folks,

Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


You'll be happy to know that it's now possible to toggle off video for podcasts when you're not on WiFi.


Happy listening🎙


As regards podcast streaming, we suggest you keeping adding your votes to this idea. More info on how we pass on your feedback via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


> As regards podcast streaming, we suggest you keeping adding your votes to this idea. More info on how we pass on your feedback via the Idea Exchange can be found here.


 That is no answer.  What an insult to customers and abdication of responsibility!  Coming here is a total waste of time. 


Why should users need to beg and jump through hoops to point out something so basic that the staff should have figured out on day one.? 


Spotify is generally perceived as a sound a streaming service and downloading streams is only useful for something like a playlist that will be listened to over and over.  A JRE episode is generally heard once and often not completely. 


I can't believe I have to explain this.  Someone(s) should be fired.


Funny, although this seems to be beyond the abilities of Spotify staff, Netflix is moving into audio now and is planning to eat your lunch.


Netflix rolling out audio-only mode for its Android app (






How is this "an idea" and not a default setting? The same way you guys came up with having JRE and no video on Apple TV when most people sit down and watch JRE on YouTube. Terrible transition for Joe Rogan. 


Yes please slow this. 

so far the only solution I found is to place it on data saving mode, disable canvas and download the episode. Tens set play offline and play the podcast. I think this solution is more of a complicated workaround. Plus I’m betting only doable for premium members. If only the video streaming were turned off when the phone was off. It makes no sense to stream both audio an video with the device screen turned off. 

Hope you can fix this quick. 


This is just a joke. I thought you were a decent service. How can you have possibly not done this yet???


Ridiculous that a company with such high prowess and popularity seemingly cannot implement such an easy and standard feature to podcasts. Shame on you Spotify. As a customer since 2013, I expect way better than**bleep**.


How does this only have 360 votes in 4 months? Please enable a toggle for audio only playback on podcasts. Thanks! 


Yeah this has been a problem for me as well; I download podcasts before I start my work day, listen to them off of wifi, and it still takes up data even though I've downloaded them before leaving the house. Spotify thus far has said that we just have to go into "offline mode" but I don't consider that an acceptable response. If I download a podcast's audio and don't even have my screen on when I'm listening to it, it shouldn't be using my data to play the visual. There needs to be an option to turn off video for podcasts or at the very least if you download a podcast, it shouldn't force you to use data just because you didn't download both audio and video. "offline mode" is a *very* subpar response 


Yes, please solve this immediately. I had no idea video was playing and you guys cost me $15 of data! Not cool. Impossible to listen on cell data. And right now I'm on a slow wifi network and it keeps buffering. Plays songs fine, but not this podcast. PLEASE FIGURE THIS OUT.


Just jumping on the bandwagon, I'd also really like to be able to turn the video stream off and switch over to an audio only stream. I'd even be happy if it was under a different podcast like "JRE Audio-Only" but honestly think it should be a feature in the app to stream an audio file instead of the regular video file (MP4)? This might require podcasts to send in both an audio and a video file, but it would save users a ton of battery and data.


Perhaps your marketing division might be able to spin it as environmentally friendly because of that.


This forum is a farce.  I'm quitting this forum and unsubscribing.


Spotify obviously does care what we think or how they waste our data  and we are just being fools wasting our time. 


They'll do whatever they like without regard for the user.