[Mobile] Save playlist sort order settings

Well here goes. When it comes to playlists and your music. When I sort after artist I would like Spotify to have an option for saving that because I don't want to "sort after artist" or whatever everytime I start up Spotify. A little feature that would just contribute to making Spotify more awesome and in my opinion not come in the way of anything really.






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Updated: 2016-05-05

Hello everyone,

this request is implemented for a while now.
The Playlist Sort Order is saved now on Mobile Apps, even when you restart Spotify.

Thank you for your awesome feedback! ;)


I always listen to my "recently added" music first on my Playlist. Every time I pick a different playlist, I always have to resort to the recently added option. Is there a way to make the app remember? This happens on my tablet and phone. 

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Status changed to: Implemented

Marked as new idea and added "mobile apps" in the title to make it clear on which platform and let it differ from a similar idea for the desktop version here. ;)

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Thats the same idea i sent to spotify. I got feedback that this isnt meant to be progressed in near Future But i trink if spotify see how many people are interested in this Feature, it will be implemented fast

PLEASE add this feature.  It might not seem important but it's one of those nuances with Spotify that I wish they would change.


Would love to see this feature!

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This used to be there and it HAS TO COME BACK!


Please implement this again...


Yes, can we please have this implemented into the player again? It's so annoying, thinking that my playlist is missing songs only to find that they are at the bottom because of it being sorted by date added

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The mobile app doesn't remember my sorting preferences. I choose alphabetic sorting in the list; go back to the main screen then go back to the list and the setting is back to unsorted. I want to always sort all of my tracks alphabetically.

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Agreed. It's not a bug to fix, but rather a feature that they need to add not only for the mobile app but also for the desktop app. I always want the newest stuff I discover and add to be on top and it's annoying that I have to change it every time. If they wont add this (As well as the ability to repeat one song like every other music player on the planet since the 90s) they should tell us why they refuse. 


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