[Mobile][Social] QR Codes for Music Sharing

Status: Implemented

Just a simple idea, nothing to go in depth about.


But could spotify implent like, similar to snapchat how you can add things by taking the picture of the QR code thingo, But like able to share bands, or even follow other peoples playlists easier.


Even though it won't be something new and amazingly spectacular but it'd be a cool feature to make it a lot easier to share music and stuff around via mobile.

Updated on 2018-01-30

Spotify's relatively new Song Codes work as this idea suggests!


Have a wonderful day. Happy listening 🙂


This is a great idea that I found out about, not too terribly long ago. I noticed that you can take screenshots of them on the mobile application, or download them from the website. There are a couple problems with the codes, though.

  • The color that cleverly matches the cover art in some way is not the default color for the code background, when you create one on the website.
  • If I like the color that Spotify has picked for my code background, then I don't want to have to play with the color bar or alphanumerical code to match it to the one on the application.
  • Conversely, while the one on the application is convenient, it is kinda rough looking. They need to fix it to be smooth, like the one that you download from the website.
  • Also, I have not seen any camera button in my search bar. My mobile version of Spotify is on my Samsung Tab A. Will it not update the the version required, or is that feature not available on Tablets? I have never seen the disclaimer of the application not being optimized for the device.


Can a Rockstar, or whoever gets the ideas to Spotify, bring this issue up to Spotify?

Here's one that I color matched the best I could (though it's not right on), and would be great for the winter.


It seems to change shades, depending on where I post it, which would be good to have looked into. And the color bar could use some work; it's too sensitive. One like in the paint program would be nice. Thanks for coming up with this idea.


Spotify Winter Chill Time Code (Website Version).png





Sent someone who is not a premium member a code to scan for a song and she was not sent to song but to a genre playlist.  Do you have to have premium to scan a code?  

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