More precise playlist time length!

I can't believe there is not a more precise measure of time in larger playlists. 

Currently spotify will measure the time up to the nearest hour increment. For example a playlist containing songs adding up to 1 hour 30 mins will still only display as 1 hour, until such time as more tracks are added and it becomes 2 hours. Likewise for a day format, it could be 1 day 14 hours but will still read 1 day. WAY OFF.


It would be SIMPLE to change to a reading of XX Days HH:MM:SS for example.

Please implement this!!!

This was a great idea and it has now been implemented.
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It would be great to be able to click onto my play queue and see a rough estimate to how long it will take to listen to!

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Spotify lets us know how long - timewise - our playlists are. It does so by the minute until an hour has been reached, at which point it updates whenever another hours worth of music has been added.


This is fine, really, we don't need to know exactly how long our playlists are - but when you get past 24 hours, or '1 day', it will stay the same until the playlist has enough songs to fill the quota for '2 days'.


Could you please change it so that it updates by the hour, for instance: '1 day, 1 hour', etc?


Thank you, and keep up the good work!

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My Kudos added. Must have feature.

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I'd also like to see the playlist length precision increased, even after 1 hour. I'm a DJ and I frequently need to make a playlist exactly 1 hour long, but can't tell how long my playlists actually are if I have more than an hour. To get an accurate time I end up having to enter the times in an Excel spreadsheet! This is rather inconvenient. Fix this please!


Really, I can't see why we can't have a simple view of the length of a playlist:




Surely it's got to be easier to display something like that than this bizarre rounding system!!


I strongly agree! I am a yoga teacher. I use my playlists to build and lower intensity over a specific period of time and to cue me as to when to end a class on time. I reeaallllyyyy need a minutes feature pretty please, hours do nothing for me.


I'd very much like a precise time length on playlists.  I often run or do other exercise to my playlists, and it's not helpful to have to guess where I am timewise when I'm building a list.  It would be really useful to be able to build myself, for example, a list for a 30-minute run, another for a 60-minute run, and so forth.  I cannot possibly be the only one who really really wants this (like the two other folks above, I probably represent hundreds or thousands of folks who just don't say anything or won't go to the trouble of posting or contacting support). 


Spotify is great. It would be even greater with a simple 59+5=64 system, rather than a 59+5=60 system, which makes no sense and is kind of lame for a bunch of folks who write code, don't you think?  I'm just sayin'.  ;-)




PS -- I realize that I can currenlty build a 30-minute list and a 60-minute list and have it be accurate. So I should have continued my examples... I'd like a 90-minute list, a 120-minute list, a 143-minute list, and so forth....


kind of ridiculous that it rounds up to the hour. i'm sure this a simple feature to add.


i need to make a 3 hour playlist for a birthday party. will be awkward when it ends at 2:15. 


Another kudos for the exact playlist. Stupid that you can't see a precise time