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[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The Star feature should be complemented with a way to mark tracks as excluded. Those tracks would then be skipped even when included in the current playlist.
This way the enjoyment of a good album wouldn't be disrupted by tracks you don't like, while the album in its entirety can still be kept in the playlist.
The Anti-star can easily be implemented as a flipside to the regular star as they are mutually exclusive. Click the star once, the track becomes a favorite. Click again, the star icon changes to the anti-star and click a third time and either flag is gone.

A no-brainer to me.

Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Community Idea Exchange.
We're marking this idea as 'Implemented'.

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

You can also find more info on hiding individual tracks from playlists or albums here.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!


Add a new way to collect automatically content. How? Simply by subscribing to an artist you like, select the songs/albums you dislike and exclude those ever being played in your playlist or synced to your device. And a small additional feature would be to keep unavailable tracks in your playlist so you will never lose that particular title which you searched for months. 

Why to subscribe to an artist? It will keep you updated with the newest songs/albums. And still you can make a simple playlist with particular songs, but see this feature as a smart playlist that keeps songs from an artist up-to-date in your playlist-folder. 




Hey, subscribing to the artist is one of our more popular ideas - see it here:


You'll notice that this is marked as planned, so keep an eye out for any further developments on this.


Thnx, but can you also exclude a song or an album? This is the way to keep up-to-date with new songs/albums but without the hassle of constantly checking to remove certain songs you dislike.


Thnx for your efforts!


I would say i have to agree with this, Would be a cool feature.


There are some songs on albums I just don't want to hear when I play an album. I'd like to skip/hide/flag/vote down/)  them so the next time I say play the album, they're not played. 




I've just amended the title of this Idea to make it a little clearer. 


This feature is SO much needed for both tracks and artists... The radio feature especially. It's so annoying to get kids music or your least favorite artists getting mixed into what is otherwise a nice radio mix. 


I agree totally. There are some examples that just don't make sense. Like not being able to keep an artist from playing in a Radio Station. In my case, an artist left 1 band and started another, with completely different lyrics, musicallity, and style. I hate it, and I cannot stop if from playing. It plays every day or so (sometimes a couple times a day, if I am online longer).