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[Music] Block / Hide / Blacklist Tracks or Artists

The Star feature should be complemented with a way to mark tracks as excluded. Those tracks would then be skipped even when included in the current playlist.
This way the enjoyment of a good album wouldn't be disrupted by tracks you don't like, while the album in its entirety can still be kept in the playlist.
The Anti-star can easily be implemented as a flipside to the regular star as they are mutually exclusive. Click the star once, the track becomes a favorite. Click again, the star icon changes to the anti-star and click a third time and either flag is gone.

A no-brainer to me.

Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Community Idea Exchange.
We're marking this idea as 'Implemented'.

The option 'Don't play this artist' is now available on iOS and Android.

You can also find more info on hiding individual tracks from playlists or albums here.

If we have any information about this on other platforms in the future, we'll report back!


Why is this not implemented on the desktop app? This seems a bit short sided and aggravatingly annoying when I have to get my phone to stop listening to artists who I hate listening.


The desktop app is the only one I use during the pandemic.  Please help us stay-at-home workers by implementing this everywhere, not just for when we're out and about, which we shouldn't be.




But... The feature is removed again?


I have not seen this implemented on my Android devices. The Block artist or 'Don't play songs from this artist' has simply been replaced with Hide song. Does this guarantee that I will never see this artist appear on my Release Radar or Discover Weekly playlists?


Agreed - the implementation of this feature remains extremely half-baked, barely baked at all really and is certainly NOT "implemented"!


  • The words "Don't play this artist" do not appear anywhere in the Android app
  • I can find the rather more ambiguous "Don't play this" on the Artist action menu if you navigate to the artist from a song
  • "Don't play this [artist]" is NOT available in the action menu for an album with a single artist
  • "Don't play this [artist]" is NOT available in the action menu for songs in the playlist view
  • "Don't play this [artist]" is NOT available in the action menu when in the song player view


  • "Hide this song" appears in the action menu for songs in the playlist view when looking at someone else's playlist
  • "Hide this song" does NOT appear in the action menu for songs in the playlist view if the playlist is one of your own playlists, instead "Remove from this Playlist" appears instead 
  • "Hide this song" does NOT appear in the action menu for songs in your "Liked" playlist
  • "Hide this song" should really be called "Don't play this song" as "Hide" is a bit vague (does it really become invisible, never to be seen again, or is it just skipped in future?)

And finally, none of the above appears to have been implemented in the Windows player!


PS - I'm a professional user experience designer, I'm hugely frustrated at the total incompetence of Spotify in implementing this feature (which was first requested 8 years ago) and given that I already have a subscription to YouTube Premium primarily so that I don't have to look at ads but also includes full access to YouTube Music (formerly Google Play Music) I think I'll try to use that for the next few weeks and hopefully the experience will be good enough to let me switch away from Spotify completely. Will report back.


marcusjt wrote: "And finally, none of the above appears to have been implemented in the Windows player!"

nor does it show on iphone or mac apps.  

i'm guessing spotify wants to make sure the labels know they can shovel their shitty music into our streams regardless of if we want it or not.

me:  i want to listen to X and The Go-Go's.
spotify: how about some Point Blank?


This feature works very strange. I was listening to one spotify playlist, banned many those tracks, then some of these tracks appeared in my daily mixes. Also I noticied that blocked tracks are not synchronized between devices. I banned some tracks from release radar during listening on my cellphone, later listening the same release radar on my PC all blocked tracks were playing again.


I'm **bleep**. why is this feature not available for windows? how can it be so freakin hard to implement this? even when i block the artist on my android phone, HE STILL POPS UP


try shuffling Notorious BIG, after a few songs you will get ear-raped by a song that could be best described as a dull advertising song, i can almost hear my suicidal tendencies getting higher by every second i have to listen to this bullsht.


Imagine your working out, hitting shuffle on Biggie,


Gimme the loot, awesome

Warning, great song



what the f are you guys thinking, it just does not want to get into my head how the **bleep** you guys have literally one of the most used music services, AND STILL CANT FIGURE OUT THE EASIEST STUFF.


Whats next, i buy a cable package and cant block **bleep** channels? I dont know who has to read this but my anger is fckn real so somebody better forward this to the appropriate egghead who should have already been fired for not implementing one of the most basic features.


God damn im **bleep**. FIX. YOUR. SHlT.

"status : implemented"...😡...that joke...I refuse to keep paying a "Premium" subscription for that garbage...bye !