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[Music] Option to turn off automatic album radio after album finishes

After the last update on my Android, Spotify changed so that when an album ends, the album radio automatically begins instead of just going to silence. Tbh no idea how most people feel about this, but I usually listen to music by the album - it's important to me that the album ends as the artist intended. I don't want to it to just flow into other music. Especially since I don't really use the album radio feature to begin with. 


If this is something people want, there should at least be an option to turn it off. This is irritating enough I'd leave Spotify because of it. 

Updated: 2017-03-03

Hey folks. With Autoplay you don't ever have to stop the music. Once you reach the end of an album, playlist, or set of tracks, Spotify will automatically play a Radio station based on it. 


To see how to disable (or re-enable) this AutoPlay feature, click here. Thanks!


Not sure whether Spotify changed my settings or whether I made a mistake but I experienced the same situation yesterday. I fell asleep on my sleeping playlist and was awaken by Justice at 5am. Erm.

So yes it's possible to switch this off but it's a good opportunity to mention to the Spotify team it's vital to let the users have as much control as possible on their experience. I would try to find an alternative if there wasn't a fix


I for one, really enjoy this feature. I listen to spotify while working and driving a majority of the time. I'm constantly interrupted with the silence when an album ends. Wish this wasn't a mobile only feature.




I agree 100%. It took me a while to figure this out, too. All the sudden my playlists were playing music I'd never heard of before and that I certainly don't have on any of my playlist. Then I saw that it said "playlist radio". This is such a stupid idea and I HATE it. LETS GET AN OFF BUTTON ON THIS STUPID IDEA


Yes, I agree I do wish there was a way to disable this feature.  I have been using Spotify for quite a while now and it was only after just yesterday that I started noticing that this feature was active.  Using the "Offline" option is an idea, but it would something of an annoyance.  I guess I'll just have to listen song by song now.  😞


Yeah really not a fan of this feature. The reason that I ended up paying for premium was so I wouldn't be forced to listen to random music. If there isn't a turnoff for this soon I may as well just cancel my subscription.


I totally agree! Especially when listening to a spoken word album or if I want to listen to music when going to sleep this "feature" makes absolutely no sense! 


Edit: In options, there's a function called AutoPlay, which is automatically activated. I guess disabling this fixes the problem. 


Please read the whole thread above as there is already a solution that works at least on mobile devices: Go to your library. In the upper right corner you will find a gear wheel. Click on it and you will come to the settings menu. There you can turn off autoplay. That's it.


As I have a 1G monthly data limit I almost always listen only to already downloaded tracks on Spotify when I'm on the road. With this great automatic album radio feature Spotify is quickly wasting my data - which does have a financial implication...


Edit: It's good to have the possibility to disable Autoplay in the options (which for some reason is now well hidden) but it definitely should be turned off by default.


Agreed.  This is terrible behaviour for a music app.  I don't understand how an idea like this gets generated, discussed, implemented, tested, and released without somebody shooting it down, especially without an option to turn it off.  


Noticed the last post.  Glad to see an option to turn it off.