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[Music] Option to turn off automatic album radio after album finishes

After the last update on my Android, Spotify changed so that when an album ends, the album radio automatically begins instead of just going to silence. Tbh no idea how most people feel about this, but I usually listen to music by the album - it's important to me that the album ends as the artist intended. I don't want to it to just flow into other music. Especially since I don't really use the album radio feature to begin with. 


If this is something people want, there should at least be an option to turn it off. This is irritating enough I'd leave Spotify because of it. 

Updated: 2017-03-03

Hey folks. With Autoplay you don't ever have to stop the music. Once you reach the end of an album, playlist, or set of tracks, Spotify will automatically play a Radio station based on it. 


To see how to disable (or re-enable) this AutoPlay feature, click here. Thanks!


I agree! Should be the same also in iOS. No autoplay when an album ends! Please!


For Macs: Click on Spotify/Preferences. Scroll down to Advanced Settings and click open it. Make sure that Autoplay is clicked off.


Go to edit--preferences--advanced settings--autoplay and then turn autoplay off. Worked for me.


Edit: didn't see above comments that already offered this solution


All you have to do is go to settings and turn off "auto-play"


Yes, it's a huge nuisance. Plus if someone is paying money for a premium account, why is Spotify automatically putting in its own playlist that I didn't ask for? Maybe other people wanted it but at least change it to an option to turn it off. Whether it is a premium account or not, something needs to be changed soon. I'm sure there are many more people besides some of the commenters and I would are considering canceling our subscription and looking for another music service. If this doesn't change Spotify will lose a lot of subscribers.


I totally agree, there should be an option to turn this off. If you are not connected to a wifi, this could be an expensive experience if it suddenly is in radio mode on a cellular connection.. 

Since it was in one of the latest updates, please update it again and let us forget this feature.





This function costs me money!
I download albums on WIFI, now at the end of the album it starts streaming and eating my mobile data!

Please make this function optional and turn it off by default.


I definitely agree. Especially because I use my playlists to fall asleep and it's very disorienting to wake up and have music still playing, especially music I've never heard before.


Why on earth would Spotify assume that we the paying public would want to have a series of random tracks most of which are stuff I'd never play in a million years. Getting too big for yer boots, Spotify. Stop trying to come up with new ideas for the sake of it. Grrrrrr.


Agree this is a stupid feature. My wife and I listen to music every night when we go to sleep. Same album every night for years.  When it's done I don't want it to play other music. It wakes us up. My wife and I have been cursing Spotify every night since they put this 'feature' in. 


Now we can't  listen to music when we go to sleep. Probably time to head back over to Apple Music. 


Come on Spotify. Let us disable it.