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[Music] Stop Playback after a Track

I hate to stop the music in the middle of a track, so i would love some way to make Spotify stop playback after the current track.


Right now I can simulate the desired behaviour by right-clicking an empty playlist, (that i have created for this purpose only) and selecting "Choose as Current Playlist" and making sure that the play queue is empty. While this is a nice workaround, I think that it would make sense to include a real "Stop Playback After Current Track"-function in Spotify.


Update (2015-02-01):

The previously suggested workaround doesn't even work any more as Rapti has pointed out in a comment. At one point it could even make Spotify crash completely.


I would like to point out that a saner, more flexible queuing system could allow even finer control over when to stop playing. Thus people who like this idea might also like:


Updated on 2021-07-19

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this function is now available on mobile devices via the Sleep Timer feature. It can be activated through the moon icon directly in the Now Playing View of podcasts, or through the three dot menu in the Now Playing view of songs. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


@EarlPurple - My posts have been about web-based Deezer and Spotify desktop. If yours refer to mobile versions that might account for our different results.


I have already learned how dire the support on Deezer is and that's why I won't continue when my trial's up. At least we have somewhere to come and vent on Spotify.


Well yeah I tried to find the "Deezer" feedback forums to report it and there isn't one.


Status changed to: Not Right Now
Updated: 2016-03-29

Hey folks, we don't have plans to implement this feature in our current timeline. Please continue to leave your kudos and comments here and we'll keep passing them on if this continues to grow. Thanks!


But whyy?


Please please do this!!!


I've been paying for spotify for a couple years now.


The fact that I can't enqueue a single track and play ONLY that track is still one of the most mind-boggling feature holes that Spotify has.


I'm astonished by how terrible the PM team is at listening and prioritizing user feedback.


This would be such a useful feature to have! I totally support a "Stop after current track" option




Stop after current track - at least on desktop clients - would be a great feature.

CTRL+Click on Pause Button to stop playback after current track. Yes, there are UX implications and it would not be widely used - but hey, Winamp could do this well before the year 2000!


The option to switch off auto-play would make using Spotify twice as enjoyable for me


It would be nice to know WHY Spotify has no plans to add such a simple and useful feature. I can't think of any good reason.