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[Music] Stop Playback after a Track

I hate to stop the music in the middle of a track, so i would love some way to make Spotify stop playback after the current track.


Right now I can simulate the desired behaviour by right-clicking an empty playlist, (that i have created for this purpose only) and selecting "Choose as Current Playlist" and making sure that the play queue is empty. While this is a nice workaround, I think that it would make sense to include a real "Stop Playback After Current Track"-function in Spotify.


Update (2015-02-01):

The previously suggested workaround doesn't even work any more as Rapti has pointed out in a comment. At one point it could even make Spotify crash completely.


I would like to point out that a saner, more flexible queuing system could allow even finer control over when to stop playing. Thus people who like this idea might also like:


Updated on 2021-07-19

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this function is now available on mobile devices via the Sleep Timer feature. It can be activated through the moon icon directly in the Now Playing View of podcasts, or through the three dot menu in the Now Playing view of songs. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Miss this feature  so much after leaving foobar..


I agree


I'm a new Spotify Premium user and was sad to find this feature does not exist on the desktop client. Please implement it! Your music lovers want it!

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

This is definitely necessary.


Definately want this feature in spotify!


I would make it more general: it'd be neat to have a way to stop playback after the selected song in the queue e.g. imagine that I want to stop playback after 3 selected songs that I've added to my queue.

Please add this functionality! 🙂


a SIMPLE stop after playing song OPTION,   please

and don't ask me WHY i want this.

not everyone uses Spotify in same way   🙂




This is an excellent idea! But I have a feeling that the reason Spotify doesn't already have a function like this is because they get paid for each unique play, and providing users with the ability to stop their software from automatically going on to the next song would probably net them less money. That said, I hope they do implement this idea eventually. It would be really great, and it'd make the program way less annoying to use in small bursts.


In my case I look at this from the Android side of things; finding a way to stop playback by sending an Android intent to have the Spotify app switch to not playing anything.  What comes to mind is if there would exist a default "null" URI that would be interpreted as "no song" such as

Maybe something like that exists already ?