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Last year, there was a playlist that was generated especially for my account by the name "Your Top Songs 2016". I was wondering, when the 2017 version will be released? I have been anticipating for it all year.

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Updated on 2017-12-13

It's that time of year again! You can find the "Your Top Songs 2017" playlist right here:, as well as a "The Ones that Got Away" playlist (a collection of songs you'll wish you'd discovered earlier in the year). Enjoy!

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After I saw your post, I decided to do some of my own research on this playlist. I found that many people have this problem, but luckily, I found a solution!


They said that they had sent out emails, but it is totally fine if you didn't get an email! You can still have access to your custom Top Songs in 2017 Playlist.


You can find your personal Year in Music at .

The link will lead you to a website that will ask you to sign in and then it will show you how many minutes you listened to, how many genres you explored, how many artists you listened to, your number one artist, your number one song, your number one genre, and your personalized playlist of 2017.


You can also find the "Your Top Songs 2017" playlist right here: . This is more of a general playlist for more people.

You can also find the "The Ones that Got Away" playlist (a collection of songs you'll wish you'd discovered earlier in the year) at that link. 


I hope this was helpful and if you have more questions try clicking the link below:


Hopefully I solved your problem, and if I did, try hitting the "Accept as Solution" button. Let me know how it goes! Bye!!


I followed the link and the playlist wasn't there. Then I followed one that took me to a Spotify playlist that said it was Your top songs of 2017 but it had songs that I have never listened to. So what has happened to that playlist?


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Is there a way to edit this playlist??? I can't tell Google home to "play spotify" without it playing the same annoying artist and song EVERY time, and I'm pretty sure it's because of this playlist. The entire album is on this thing, it's like I can't get away from it. I hate it.  


@Jono_1 When you go to the link it will first ask you to sign in. 

Once you are in your account, it will tell you how many minutes, different songs, different artists, and genres you listened to. 

Then, it giveyou a mini game/quiz. 

It will first ask you "Do you know who your top artist of the year was?". It will give you 5 choices and you choose, if you get it wrong it is fine.

The next question will be "Which song was 'yours' in 2017?" It will give you 5 choices.

The last question is "What was your top genre?" It will give you 5 choices.


Then it will tell you what you got out of 3. Then it will lead you to a page where it says "Here's your top songs of 2017, collected in one memorable playlist." Click the button that says "Your top 100 songs".

Then it will give you your playlist.


The other link you clicked was for the overall spotify playlist out of all the users into one playlist, not yours, so that is why it had songs you didn't listen to.


I hope this was helpful!


@jhox Sorry, I don't believe that you can edit this playlist since this playlist was not created by you. 

I do not have Google Home, so I am not completely sure of how it works, but on the computer, I can choose which songs I want to listen to, unless it's on shuffle, which allows any song to play, including songs you may not enjoy.


I would suggest looking through the playlist and finding songs you like.Then you can create a new playlist with only songs that you like. Also, that way you can edit that playlist.


I hope this was helpful!


Why won't Spotify let us edit the playlist? My account was hacked for some days during 2017 and one song was played continuasly at that time. Now I have that annoying song on the playlist.



Me gustó mucho la idea de hacer una playlist de las canciones que mas oíste en un año, ya tengo mi playlist de “ Your Tops Song 2017 ” y me ha encantado, solo espero que puedan hacer otro playslip para el 2018.

Gracias !!


I have a new account that's only a couple months old. I deleted my Facebook which is how I created my first Spotify account. I've been able to track down most of my old playlists from people who followed my old account but I can't find My Top Songs 2017 anywhere, or on the community page. Does anyone have a solution? I can still log into my old account on the website and find playlists but MTS 2017 isn't anywhere, on the downloaded desktop version of spotify or on the webplayer. Can anyone help? When I follow the link posted above it takes me to the top songs on Spotify for all users in 2017 not my own top songs. 

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All those playlist on the same locations starting from 2016, when the feature was introduced

Top 2017 + other general playlist 
Top 2017 + the one that got away + other general playlist

Top 2018 + taste breakers playlist (an amazing playlist) + other general playlist

Currently linking to the first link


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