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Here's my normal experience. I look at my news reader, see a new mixtape or free mp3, download it, open up iTunes, import the track(s), and then go back to Spotify and listen to it.


What if, we could use Spotify as an RSS reader for our favorite music blogs and have eliminate that clumsy middle part, listening directly to the music featured on those sites?


I'm thinking Pitchfork, Some Kind of Awesome, Drowned in Sound, Consequence of Sound, Tycho's Blog (ISO 50), etc.


Who's with me?

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Funny you say that.


Some blogs / music sites have created their own Spotify application, that let's you read reviews of albums while listening to it on Spotify. Pitchfork, Rolling Stone & The Guardian all have their own apps, as well as some other places like We Are Hunted, Fuse, and we added a whole load more apps today. Just click on "App Finder" on the left hand side of your Spotify.


An RSS reader would be good in a podcast sense, however - We have another idea relating to that right here.

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Status changed to: Implemented
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Perhaps this is more an issue with the content providers themselves then. Albums are great, but what about single track previews and mixtapes, podcasts, interviews, videos, interviews, content about music?


Here is what my feed reader looks like.


Just lines of text. We can do better than that!


So, until that's done, I don't we can call this "implemented." I know what's offered, and this isn't it.

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I'm with you... peep my take on the potential of the spotify network: 

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lol @david's inside the box response.

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I am throwing Kudos at the SoundCloud app idea. Great one!

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Please check the apps Spotify added to the App Finder. Many of the them resembles the features you're looking for.


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Come on guys, you're not listening to what I'm saying.


Take this post:


Q: How do the existing apps help me with this specific post?

A: They don't. At all.


We need a way to subscribe to music blogs and listen to singles and tracks inside of Spotfiy.

The content inside these apps are heavily paired-down and curated, not spontaneous and free flowing.


When it boils down to it, I want an music blog RSS reader that can play the music featured within the blog post. Does that make sense?


@Sl33pwalker - with u 100% on the NEED FOR SOUNDCLOUD INTEGRATION! That addition alone would be enough 2 make me renew my monthly subscription, even tho soundcloud is FREE. And I bet u there are thousands of ppI out who feel the same way.  Smiley Frustrated


I just wanna play these tunes: (176 or so total) w/in the Soundcloud platform, which as far as I know still is not possible unless I wanted to tediously dl and xfer each song to itunes one by one. Ya feel me?


If Anyone knows if this is in fact currently possible please let me know, Thx!


- SZ_Magik


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