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New spotify: Ability to view more than 50 playlists

UPDATE: This request will be re-opened here:


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The new spotify has a limit to the number of public playlists we can view. It only shows the top 50 playlists (ordered by default by number of followers).


I would like to suggest the ability to view all the shared playlists.





Hey folks! We're happy to say this is now Implemented. 

Thanks for all your kudos and support behind this idea.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Marked as new idea. This idea requests to view more than 50 public playlists on the profile page.


Yes please, very disappointing to lose this functionality from the old version.


And also to give the options to sort them the way we want and not only by followers


I run a website dedicated to playlists and now a lot of my followers suddenly have difficulties to find playlists they could easily find before. Please correct this huge error in the new layout that otherwise is really nice.


I agree with all the above comments... give us back are FULL playlists Spotify.. Most of us have spent ages getting our playlists done.


Yes, please - don't let us wait!


I fully agree and cannot understand nor stand the fact that Spotify continues to fix what's not broken...

Monthly I publish a playlist which I continuously update with a selection of new music. These lists are popular among my followers and profile visitors, but now they have no way of finding them since Spotify decided that the only thing relevant for these users are my top 50 most popular lists. Why? Why on earth should Spotify decide for me and my followers which playlists to be displayed publicly or not?

Now my followers only can find my popular lists but not any other lists and definitely not my new lists. A list can be old and uninteresting, although being popular, while a new playlist could be the hottest thing out there (but to no availability).


This needs immediate attention.


I want to:


  1. Manually sort the order of how my playlists are listed publicly.
  2. Manually decide which playlists to display publicly (and then have all of them at display).
  3. Manually categorize or position playlists in folders - such as by year, genre etc.
  4. Allow my followers and profile visitors to override my public playlist list order through sorting it by Publishing date, Popularity or Category.
  5. Allow my followers and profile visitors to search/filter my public playlists.

Thank you.


And also please give Kudos to the idea already mentioned: To sort public playlists the way we want and not only by popularity:


I really hope this is restored soon. I follow several users with >50 playlists and want to be able to find their most recent one. It's absurd that we aren't able to find by a) sorting or b) scrolling to the bottom. On the old Spotify, the most recent playlists would appear at the top of the list (unless the users repositioned it).


This 50-only thing is very frustrating.
So even though I'm a paying customer with hundreds of playlists I want to show as public and I follow other paying customers with hundreds of public playlists, we can now each only see the other's most popular 50 public playlists? Period? (I assumed clicking on "See All" button at the bottom of the page would truly let you see all the public lists; that is not the case!) So now we only get a fraction of what we used to. This is a big limitation and very misleading. This limitation should be clarified in the wording when signing up for a new account, but especially a paid account, because most of us believe our payment means that public list-making ability is unlimited (like it used to be) and that all of the lists will truly show as public. That seems like pretty basic functionality.  If my best friend already has 50 public playlists showing and she creates a new one today, I won't even get to see it on her profile. Lame! Also, there are many music bloggers who create hundreds of public playlists to share about music with their readers. Now readers (like me) are cut off from so much sharing below the "popular 50" unless they have the specific playlist link. Who has the time to go through a blogger's old posts to find all the less-popular old links?! We expect to be able to find everything public directly on the person's profile, just as we've always been able to do prior to this recent update. I would think Spotify would encourage MORE sharing and listening with each update, not less of it. This makes absolutely no sense and it's maddening.

Please, Spotify, let the "See All" button truly mean that we can see ALL the public lists on a profile, and not just the most popular 50. Give us our full public playlist viewing and functionality (to order the lists how we like) back!