Only show available playlists whilst offline

Status: Implemented

When listening offline on the Mobile app, it would be great if I could filter it to only show those playlists that I've marked, and downloaded a local copy of.

This would save me having to scroll through hundreds of playlists, and folders that I can't listen to offline


Hey everyone! This idea is now Implemented for iPhone and Android users. Just go to Your Music > Playlists and hit the Filter icon at the top of the screen.

If you've got any feedback please post it here.



Status changed to: New Idea

Was surprised when switching from android that iOS doesn't show the offline playlists at the top. Very odd. Not quite as odd as STILL HAVING NO PROPER LIBRARY MANAGEMENT AFTER YEARS OF PEOPLE SHOUTING ABOUT IT.


Agree, this is a nightmare trying to scroll through to find offline playlists on iPhone - works perfectly on Android!


It would be the reason to hire and make it to Premium. Sync lists and then having to search through folders? No... I want to see them all together. Pleaseeeee...

I want this as well. Should be fairly easy to implement and would be nice for user friendlyness!

Come spofify, we put up with an awful lot.

This is just a relatively small change which would really enhance the user experience and hence should be prioritised over any other new development.


Please can we at least have an acknowledgement and an estimation of when this will be done.


Please can this be implemented - is very frustrating scrolling through hundreds of playlists you can't play.


please, please, please! only 76 kudos? most important suggestion for all ios users! 

Agreed! This is a must have feature for IOS. Why is this not implemented yet? It has always been this way for Android users. The app feature differences between IOS and Android makes no sense to me. Why not have the same features on both apps?


+1 for me

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