[Partnership] Snapchat Spotify Filter

Ever wanted to tell a friend what ur listening to while snapping them? This simple filter would display your current spotify tune with a simple swipe to the left!

Updated on 2019-09-17

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It's now possible to share what you're listening to on Snapchat. Check out more details at: https://newsroom.spotify.com/2019-09-09/share-what-youre-listening-to-on-spotify-with-snapchat/


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Updated: 2016-10-21

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great idea! +1


A pretty cool idea!


This would be pretty awesome! I find myself wanting this kind of filter a lot.

Music Fan

 Lots of potential for such a filter, and I'm sure it'd be used quite often too!


Spotify already works with other Apps such as Spotify and Djay by Algoriddim, so I'm sure it'd be relatively easy for them to collaborate with Snapchat to make a dynamic filter that displays the artist, song name and maybe even the artwork!

Let's get some traction behind this idea, as it's probably one of the top features I'd like to see implemented into Spotify (and Snapchat) at the minute!


I jailbroke my iPhone once and there's a tweak that does this, a lot of my friends asked me how I did it. So this one should be great once it has been made!

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Hey @Charleshermann we also think this is a Good Idea 🙂 If we have any updates on this we'll post them here first. Thanks!


It didn't work