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[Partnership] Support for Garmin running watches

I love music when I'm running, but I do not always want to carry my phone.

Garmin introduced a new running watch that let's you download music for on the go, if Spotify whould support this that whould make a ideal combination.



Thank you Spotify for adding Garmin watches to your platform. Hopefully you will soon add the Forerunner 645 and Vivoactive 3 as well. It's going to be great, listening to your motivating playlists without having to take my phone with me.

Updated on 2018-10-04


Thanks for showing your support for this Idea in the Spotify Community.

We're pleased to confirm the Garmin® and Spotify integration, meaning from the 3rd of October 2018 you can now listen to offline playlists from your Garmin®.
You can find full information on the announcement here!

We appreciate all of the feedback, and comments that were provided here.
The Spotify Community Team.


 This will be what I need too!

I want to buy garmin 645 music and I want to use your service on the go.


oh yeah! , this we want!


Agreed, Get together with Garmin!! Let's go Spotify!

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-03-09

Marked as new idea.


I'm missing the same. And as it is really annoying, I'm about to swap to google music instead. Pretty much the same service but works smoothly with my Garmin smartwatch. 


I would also like to listen to Spotify offiline playlists on my Garmin Forerunner 645 music sports watch


I just bought the new Garmin Forerunner 645 with music functionality.  As a very big Spotify (and Sonos) fan, I am making the bet that Spotify will start supporting Garmin devices !!  Until then I will have to struggle to find workaround solutions to get music on my watch, which is a shame.  

@spofityhelpdesk, thank you for your feedback on this topic !!!!!!!!!!!


Hi, I voted but am unsure if it was accounted for.


Excellent idea, I love Garmin products and the Forerunner 645M is awesome


I have a 645M and a Spotify family plan.  Please don't make me go to iHeart radio!


Yes - please make this happen!