[Partnership] Support for Garmin running watches

I love music when I'm running, but I do not always want to carry my phone.

Garmin introduced a new running watch that let's you download music for on the go, if Spotify whould support this that whould make a ideal combination.



Thank you Spotify for adding Garmin watches to your platform. Hopefully you will soon add the Forerunner 645 and Vivoactive 3 as well. It's going to be great, listening to your motivating playlists without having to take my phone with me.

Updated on 2018-10-04


Thanks for showing your support for this Idea in the Spotify Community.

We're pleased to confirm the Garmin® and Spotify integration, meaning from the 3rd of October 2018 you can now listen to offline playlists from your Garmin®.
You can find full information on the announcement here!

We appreciate all of the feedback, and comments that were provided here.
The Spotify Community Team.


Spotify would be a sweet edition to the Garmin 645 Music watch.


I totally agree with this. PLEASE do this soon!!




I've gotten one as well (I'm in Europe/Germany), and would love this as well!


You must do it Spotify. And please at least let us know what you are planning to do or not do.



I´m getting a Garmin 645 Music and if Spotify is not supporting Garmin platform I will have to change to another mass music provider.


Please don't make me switch to Iheartradio. I love my Spotify! Being able to stream my music on the Garmin 645 music would be sooo awesome. Please work to make this happen ASAP!! 


It would be a nice feature on the Fenix series watches since they tend to be the higher-end models which I see serious runners and cyclists using, rather than creating a new watch altogether. 


Yess!!! Spotify for Garmin watches pleasee!!


Yes, Please make Spotify compatible with Garmin watches!