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[Partnerships] Apple TV Support

I think there should be a Spotify feature for the Apple TV, similar to the Netflix App which is available. As currently, the only way Spotify can be played on the Apple TV is through AirPlay which requires an iPod Touch/iPhone.

Updated on 2019-10-07



With our new Spotify app for Apple TV, you can now access Spotify’s 50 million tracks directly from your TV, making Spotify the natural audio destination across your many devices.


This long-requested feature follows our other apps on TV platforms including Android TV, Samsung Tizen, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.


We’re excited to bring this app to Apple TV and will continue to innovate and enhance the app—there’s plenty more in the works.

You can use Airfoil, on a PC or Mac, to send Spotify to an Apple TV (or to an Apple Aiport Express)

I'd love to see a Spotify app on the Apple TV as well.  Please make it happen.


Agree. An apple tv function seems not to difficult for spotify to implement and it could even give them more customers. Having a spotify account 120$ a year pluss buying Airfoil for 25$ could make some people consider switching to iTunes now that iCloud is up and running for only 25$ a year... I think this function is essential and should be included in the software or in the spotify app system..

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Right on. I hate using airfoil to hear spotify on my Bose. If there was an app for my Apple TV, I and all of my friends for that matter, would spring for premium accounts. As it stands now, no thanks. I would not be able to resist if Spotify was on my flat screen and running through my system. If you added a kick arse visualizer to it, the planets would be aligned in my solar system. Please make it so. This one is a no brainer for Spotify. I do however see why Apple is apprehensive. Got to protect iTunes.


Not sure if you all are aware of this, but with the Mac, you can go to System Preferences >> Sound >> Output and choose AirPlay. It routes just the audio via AirPlay to the Apple TV without mirroring the whole screen. Apple TV interprets it as internet radio, but there's nothing special you need to do to play it. 


I know it's not a Spotify App (which there needs to be) but it is working for me for now. 


The only downside is that it will route all the audio from your Mac - not just Spotify. 





Oh god, yes. It would be awesome to be able to start Spotify on my Apple TV without walking into my computer room to start streaming from my computer or draining the battery of my iPad.


Surely common sense will prevail and it will happen!


Please do this!


Please build this into the Android Spotify app! I just changed from an iPad to a Nexus 7 tablet ... it's so much better! Only problem is I can no longer stream Spotify to my Apple TV.


Spotify, please include an option to output to a remote playing device. Even if AirPlay doesn't work, just use DNLA compatibility so we can output to some device (any device!) to play sound out wirelessly through the stereo.


Thanks in advance!