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[Partnerships] Apple TV Support

I think there should be a Spotify feature for the Apple TV, similar to the Netflix App which is available. As currently, the only way Spotify can be played on the Apple TV is through AirPlay which requires an iPod Touch/iPhone.

Updated on 2019-10-07



With our new Spotify app for Apple TV, you can now access Spotify’s 50 million tracks directly from your TV, making Spotify the natural audio destination across your many devices.


This long-requested feature follows our other apps on TV platforms including Android TV, Samsung Tizen, Amazon Fire TV and Roku.


We’re excited to bring this app to Apple TV and will continue to innovate and enhance the app—there’s plenty more in the works.


Unfortunately it can't be used with OLED TVs like LG CX because of burn-in potential of the OSD controlls. Would it be possible to make the controls disappear after a few seconds, and dim the text and cover art like in the WebOS app?


I will be unsubscribing my family unless video support for Apple T.V is provided for Joe Rogan. I feel like I've been conned.

Please provide an honest reason why this is not possible, this deal was done a long time ago, and video content should be available on the Apple T.V app by now.



Agree with "spotifangas", just bought an LG Oled 65 cx and I do not wish to get any kind of potential burn-in from he app on my AppleTV. Please update how it wors for OLED tv:s. Either by dimming parts or by having some ind of built-in screensaver in Spotify that activates after a while (could be a setting to turn on/oof depending on if users wish to use it or not).


Bumping this up to 2021-2022-

Can you please add the option

on the AppleTV app to

turn OFF the Autoplay

feature- so that suggested

music does not continue

playing when an

album or playlist ends....

please and thanks!!!



So this idea took 7 years and 8 months to get tended to, I hope to see some quicker action from spotify to bring back the playlist radio feature which they removed just recently.

Bring playlist radio back, vote here: