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[Partnerships] Spotify on Apple Watch

Please create an app for the Apple watch that allows users to change songs and playlists from their watch. Perfect for working out and the busy commute.

Updated on 2018-11-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea.


We're pleased to confirm that you can now DJ from your wrist with Spotify on Apple Watch.

> Play, pause, and skip, both music and podcasts.
> Control the volume.
> Get info about what’s playing.
> Play from Recently Played.
> Save your favorites.
> Use Spotify Connect to play to another device.


To get Spotify on Apple Watch you’ll need an iPhone 5 or above, running iOS 10.0 and above, and an Apple Watch on watchOS 4.0 and above.


We have some more info on the Support site:
and the Newsroom:


Many thanks!


Spotify was making a big deal .. Apple is evil and all and Give them free ride for using their App Store and customer.
Spotify can’t offer offline playlist on Apple Apple Watch even after Apple has opened its  door 2 years ago.
When they don’t even allow us to us Apple store to buy their membership. 


Come on, Spotify! Apple Watch still has the largest market share in smart watches!


Hi there,

I've just cancelled my Apple Music subscription and come across to Spotify Premium. I do lot of running and use my Apple Watch with cellular to Bluetooth to my wireless earphones when I run. For some reason, the Spotify app does not allow me to connect to my earphones, however it does to other Google devices. I assume I'm doing something wrong here as many people would surely have this work.


Any help would be appreciated.




Still no offline playback, what a joke. Luckily my credit card pays for my Spotify subscription so I can use Apple Music on the watch or I would be gone.


I have to say I'm loving this beta for the Apple Watch that allows you to stream music with your watch instead of your iPhone. I've been wanting this for so long and had almost given up hope on the idea, but I stayed true Spotify because the Team running it really does care about its people. I really hope this beta moves in the right direction and actually becomes a reality. This is by far the best song streaming app out on the market! Keep up the great work, I'm excited to see what y'all have in Store next! 

I gave up on Spotify years ago. I wis an antitrust suit would be leveraged
against Apple App Store. I was forced to Apple Music for the features I
wanted. Keep me posted if anything changes. Lol

Asbjorn22 thanks for your update! I’ve just registered for the beta and it really works fine with LTE / 4G Streaming. Like on CarPlay you can use Siri to ask „play ... with Spotify“ and it works. To my surprise I can’t use it with wlan without my iPhone but that’s not important for me. Until yesterday I used the good old Apollo App which for sure isn’t working as reliable as this Spotify App but it was much better than nothing during the last two years. 


Hi, Siri doesn’t work with Spotify in Apple Watch, some days ago you can ask Siri to play music from Spotify but now doesn’t work


Tested on several devices.


Do you have any information?




Good news!


Spotify now supports downloads on Apple Watch. This will be rolling out over the next several weeks.


Check out this Spotify news article for more info:

Enjoy More Ways Than Ever to Use Spotify on Your Apple Watch—Now With Downloads 


It almost despairing to find people which May be experienced about this problem, but you seem like you recognizes that which you're referring to! Thanks