[Partnerships] Spotify on Apple Watch

Please create an app for the Apple watch that allows users to change songs and playlists from their watch. Perfect for working out and the busy commute.

Updated on 2018-11-13

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your vote to this idea.


We're pleased to confirm that you can now DJ from your wrist with Spotify on Apple Watch.

> Play, pause, and skip, both music and podcasts.
> Control the volume.
> Get info about what’s playing.
> Play from Recently Played.
> Save your favorites.
> Use Spotify Connect to play to another device.


To get Spotify on Apple Watch you’ll need an iPhone 5 or above, running iOS 10.0 and above, and an Apple Watch on watchOS 4.0 and above.


We have some more info on the Support site: https://support.spotify.com/listen_everywhere/smart_watches/apple-watch/
and the Newsroom:


Many thanks!


"..........The reason there is no Spotify app on the Apple Watch is because Apple won't allow it, as it is pushing Apple Music......"


I do not care if it does. Since I am a premium subscriber and I pay every month subscription, I require that I have this opportunity.

Casual Listener

It came years to late and there is still no cellular streaming and not even offline playlists...

Skipping songs never was an issue with Apple’s now playing screen. What we finally want is taking the Watch out for a run and leave our iPhone behind.

When is this feature finally coming? Apple Music does it for years on Apple Watch. I’m about to switch subscriptions if there’s no announcement or information coming...

I’ve been following this thread since I got my Apple Watch like 4 years ago

Don’t hold your breath

I would say partioally implemented. I didnt need a play button on my watch .. I need offline music for running - but thanks for trying (sadly).


I agree the addition of the app as a remote control is not "implementing" the idea. We need to be able to load playlists for offline play to run without an iPhone. Keep working, please.


"DJ from your wrist" misses the mark for the desired Spotify function on Apple Watch.  Anyone who runs or works out and wants to use Spotify wants to be able to leave their phone at home (or in the locker, or locked in the car, etc.).  I signed up for the 3-month trial just to see how this function worked and it is useless to me.  Until you can store playlists on the watch or stream via the cellular function, I don't consider this 'implemented' in any way.  Will be cancelling my Spotify Premium and guess I will monitor the topic in case it somehow ACTUALLY gets implemented, but I'm certainly not going to pay for Spotify since I'll likely be subscribed to Apple Music and don't want to pay for both.


DJ'ing from my Watch is not good enough 😕 I want to leave my phone at HOME when I go on runs, so that means the Spotify watch app has to be able to play music through cellular/LTE. I really don't want to start paying for Apple Music, so I'm holding out but I don't know if I can do it for much longer! 

When I joined this forum I was living in my mums attic and never coded in my life.

Now I have a house, dog, GF, and I’ve written my own Apple Watch and iOS apps.

If I can **bleep**ing do it, Spotify can.

ALTHOUGH let’s be honest, no one really likes Spotify anymore or takes them seriously, shame, they used to be cool and everyone wanted to be in on it, I thought it was awesome. Now it’s kind of a joke app that everyone I know just cracks and uses for free, including premium.

Spotify are too busy crying about paying Apple to use The App Store platform (something that they couldn’t have created if their lives depended on it, something that literally changed the world of mobile software) to rip off artists to care about their customers.

Spotify is the kind of company I would refuse to interview for, I mean, who wants to work for such a corporate shil? Even Apple the largest company in the world has more soul!!!
Spot on!!!

I can’t believe this hasn’t been implemented yet.  Pandora has this with their subscription.