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Status: Implemented
by dominosonfire on ‎2012-03-08 12:52 PM

Hey all,


As I tend to make per album playlists (as mobile syncing is obviously per playlist), my playlist bar has gotten fairly unmanageable.


It would be great if you could group playlists in folders (allowing organisation by genre, mood, label, etc) 


This would also cure they playlist 'jump' I see on mobile, when my phone switches from offline to on and the list of playlists explodes into a different order.


Many thanks,


Status: Implemented
by David
on ‎2012-03-08 01:34 PM
Status changed to: Implemented
by David
on ‎2012-03-08 01:35 PM

We've already got playlist folders, Mike. Just pop up to File, click that and then click on New Playlist Folder.


See this page for a bit more information. 

by dominosonfire
on ‎2012-03-08 01:36 PM

David, that's genius!


Sorry, i must have missed it previously.... :smileyembarrassed:

on ‎2012-04-27 04:37 PM

Wow, I'v been thinking there MUST be a way to put them to folders - I'v just lived with it that I can't. Now after finding this community and this post via Search ->  This totally made my day. I'v been trying to mouse click on the folders like in Windows usual, to create folders without luck - "File" menu saved the day \o/

by Kevaan
on ‎2012-08-17 05:19 PM

Wonderfull! Thanks :D


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