Playlist - notification that it has been updated

I subscribe to a number of people's playlists, some are static and some change over time.  For the one's which change over time, it would be very useful to know if/when they have last changed.  


A different playlist icon could display to represent that it has changed since I last clicked on it.  Once clicked (to view the playlist), the icon could revert back to its original setting.



I did a python script that uses spotify API to get all the recent songs added to your subscribed playlists. I wish I could to this as a HTML5 embedded spotify app, but right now, this is not really possible dur to some limitations.


Anyway if you're into coding, you can have a look there (you need a premium account + spotify dev key to get it working)


Status changed to: Implemented

Hi guys,


You should now receive emails regarding playlists you're subscribed to being updated. If you aren't, just head head to 'Edit Profile' in your account on our website and have a look. You'll be able to decide whether you'd like these emails under 'Notifications'. 


Alternatively, if you don't want them, just head to the same page and opt out of them. Easy.





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Hey Sam, how often users receive emails about this?


Once a day? I do not want to be spammed when someone heavily update it's playlist.