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[Playlists] See which playlists a song has already been added to

Sometimes I think of or hear a song and I want to add it to a certain playlist but I’m not sure if it’s already in there, or I just want to know what playlists it’s in (e.g. I accidentally added the song to the wrong playlist and want to take it out, but wasn't sure which one I accidentally clicked/pressed on). It would be nice to to have a feature where you can check which playlists of yours a song has been added to. I know that you there’s a notification if it’s a duplicate, but it would be more convenient if the song is in multiple playlists to just see all of them at once rather than getting that notification one by one for all of them, if that make sense.


Edit: someone in the comments suggested having checkmarks next to the playlist names in the "Add to playlist" drop-down and that would be perfect!

Updated on 2024-02-09

Hi everyone,

Thank you for all the support and feedback you've given to this idea!

We have some exciting news to share with you: you can now tap the green check mark icon Check Mark Icon.png of a song/episode to see which playlists it's been saved in! You also get quick access to all of your playlists in case you want to add the song/episode to (or remove it from) some of your other playlists:


The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.The playlists the item's been saved in will also have a check mark.

Thanks again for helping us make Spotify better. We're always striving to provide the best possible user experience and your feedback is greatly appreciated.


It would be really helpful if we could see which playlist(s) we saved a song to.
Like.... maybe another option to a songs drop-down menu (...) that says "View Playlists"?
- Thank you for considering this feature. 👍


+1 for sure!


Here's my mockup of this: 


Beign able to search for a song that you know is in one of your playlists so you can pin point the playlist it is on. 


Has this been implemented yet? I often want to search my library to see if a song is already in a playlist, but it only searches the playlist names. Pretty please with a cherry on top!!


I've been wanting this feature for so long it should totally be added!! Lots of other platforms have this, YouTube for example. It makes creating playlists and sorting existing ones so much easier.

I never thought about using youtube as a music streaming service. But I might just as well try it.

i also felt the need for this functionality so i created a web app called

- this web app will allow you to search across your playlists for a track or artist or album (search tab).

- this web app will allow you to search across your playlists for duplicates (duplicates tab).

- this web app is a set of tools, not found in the spotify app, to make curating your playlists a bit easier.

- it is free, open source, no tracking analytics

hope this helps


I would like to be able to see what playlists I've created that contain a specific song. Often, I think of a song in one of my playlists but can't recall which playlist I added it to. Or I added the song to multiple playlists but want to reduce the repetition. It's odd that you can view public playlists with a specific song, but not your own. Also odd, that the somewhat new search function above personal playlists only searches playlist titles. Why won't it search by band or song titles? Is this an error?

A UI/UX Designer 🙂


I’m grateful that Spotify listened and changed the feature to see all the different playlists a specific song is in, however, the page that pulls up to show all the playlists should display each & every playlist & not in folders; remove the folder view. It’s hard to really see all the playlists that a song is in if we have to then manually check those folders that we have our playlists in, & it can be very tedious if we have a lot of folders, making it difficult to see which playlists a song is in overall if not being seen all on the same page. Hope this makes sense & that this improvement can be made. Thank you.


This is an absolutely essential feature and needs to get the attention it deserves. I cannot stand the "already in a playlist" notification, just show me which playlists it's already in!


This creates multiple issues.

YouTube has a perfect example of this system, when you attempt to add a new song or video, it shows you which playlists its already in as a small drop down menu.

It's so difficult to organize and keep track of my songs without this feature I can't believe its not a feature already.


I shouldn't have to add a song to a playlist to check if its in there.

I shouldn't have to worry about duplicates.

I should be able to organize my music, it's 2023.


If you think this is a good idea, please up vote and spread the message.