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[Playlists] Sort List of Playlists alphabetically

How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that sorting your lists of playlists alphabetically is now available across devices. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


This has bothered me over my past years of Spotify use! It's so furstrating that this needs to be "considered" and isn't an absolute no-brainer (is there some legal issues? I literally can't understand why this isn't an option). 


This is especially inconvenient in the app version as it takes a consideratble amount of effort to locate your playlist by date of creation/follow/etc. (for example, while driving to scroll through and locate/remember when the playlist was added).


Hope this is resolved someday! 




Not surprised this idea has been around for a while (since before 2012 according to this thread and the one preceding it). However, I am amazed that sorting playlists alphabetically has not been implemented yet. Perhaps I do not understand the nuances of coding such complex capabilty in detail, but it appears to be a fairly basic feature request. Adding my "Kudos" or "Come on already" to the pile to hope this finally gets implemented. Get with it!


it was working great and instead of making it better they took away the feature I really liked- namely the ability to put either songs or artists in alphabetical order. Dumb- very dumb. 

Drag and drop playlists on a computer it will stay that way on your app. Not the best, time consuming but effective. Mine are alphabetical now

For some reason my daughter wants to stay with Spotify instead of going to Deezer (we were all very happy with Groove music) 

Here is how it is implmented on Microsft groove - phone and desktop. it work great.

Just click the any of the green letters at start of the alphabetacised list, and it morphs into a larger albphbet selection. 

Of course you can just use the search box (which works in offline mode as oppsed to crappy spotify). 


First picture the opening screen, click the green C or D and get the alphabet ist. Works on phone as well.



Hi Kwidoc

Microsoft is moving Groove music into Spotify as from Dec 2017. They are
partners. Search for Groove and see what they are saying. Now, for me,
Groove is not analternative!
Sorting your playlists can be done by placing the pointer on the desired
title, then hold down the left mouse button to choose that title, then
slide the title to the desired location within the playlist collection
until you see a line appear depicting your desired location between
titles.  Simply let go of the left mouse button and the desired
selection stays put.  Keep doing this routine of select and relocate
until you have them alphabetized the way you want them.

Thanks for your support but the big idea was to get a command that does the sorting automatically. 

Wow. I was going to say "who are you talking to, 5 year olds?" but even any 5 year old knows how to drag and drop.
Do you not think that *everyone* on this thread knows you can manually sort your playlists? Do you not think that *everyone* on this thread is utterly amazed not only that Spotify REFUSE to implement a basic feature but that some poor fools are willing to waste hours manually sorting their playlists? What about when you want to sort by genre? Or album name? Or year? Are you going to hand-sort them all then? Assuming you can remember how to drag and drop that it. (If not, just ask the nearest 5 year old...)
I would need a (3) week vacation to do this- other than that, awesome