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[Playlists] Sort List of Playlists alphabetically

How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that sorting your lists of playlists alphabetically is now available across devices. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

HA HA **bleep**! Just trying to some imbeciles.  If the show fits, wear it.
Thank you for at least not blowing up at my suggestion like one **bleep**
here.  Just trying to help.  Keep fighting Spotify or use the only
avenue available to sort out your playlists...drag and drop.  Maybe one
day they will fix it, but until then **bleep** or deal with it.
yes thanks

lol   under consideration

Yes, we know that. It is rather difficult when you have maybe 100 playlists that extend way off screen. Its possible but excruciatingly annoying and slow and inefficient to manually sort playlists

Manual sorting for an aplahbetical filter? Hmm, that might just be a job for a computer! Or is this a Spotify fight against AI taking all our jobs so we will have somehitng to do when the computers take over?

Yep, I know. I'm an unhappy groove refugee posting on multiple threads in the vain hope that Spotify does more than have basic functionality 'under consideration' for years.
How does the Spotify community tolerate this? When there would be the slightest glitch or problem with Groove the community would shout and MS would change it/fix it/update. Rapid product improvement. Spotify is glacial.
Its all too sad really. Groove was great. It took a while but they ended up with a really polished app - great for touch, easy to navigate, easy to download, art and search worked in offline mode, integrated video. It just worked! Another example of MS creating a really good thing but the masses ignoring it and settling for a more popular but inferior platform. Spotify great for social and music discovery, and better than Groove for that, but the software you have to run the service on is really dated, non-intuitive and limited in functionality. Whn I have friend over and Groove **bleep** playing on the 65inch big screen they really liked the rolling full screen artist art, as opposed to the small static album cover in a sea of gray which is Spotifies full screen. It's the combination of these little stylistic touches plus the better overall library management/filtering/searching/downloading that makes Groove software far superior.

I hope this partnership leads to a decent UWP windows app.
Totally agree. We could use these Turing machines to sort for us... Who woulda thought...

It would be a good idea if Spotify explained why they tend towards not implementing this, because the playlist section could easily look like the album section in the library: sorted by artist, title or recently added. I think the reason is that if this were implemented we would lose the 'drag and drop wherever you like it' function, and a lot of other people would be disappointed if that would go. If this is the case Spotify, why not just say that and maybe a lot of people would't be this annoyed?

I don't know if it is technically possible but it would be nice if we could have both. Maybe some creative solution like adding a folder 'Playlists A-Z'. If you want your playlists in alphabetical order you put them in that folder, if not you leave them where they are.


hi can anyone tell me how I can get free spotify music instead of paying premium monthly. Sometimes I don't use for mths at a time and still billed $13+ a I hv to uninstall each not tech to spotify few mths ago but am being charged each mth when not using for few mths at a time...use only in my Bluetooth music box..not on Ph with ear plugs.  Appreciate any help...think I uninstalled but also think I'm being charged $13+AU  a mth.

  1. Thanks Tracee

    @Olcique wrote:

    How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...

    Are u from Spotify or a user of Spotify...hv had no luck contacting Spotify...been waiting for 10days now for a reply...tks Tracee