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[Playlists] Sort List of Playlists alphabetically

How about ordering playlists alphabetically? I'm paying for this service and this feature is the most common and easiest one even for a free music player...

Updated on 2021-07-07

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that sorting your lists of playlists alphabetically is now available across devices. There's more info here.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

Does anyone know if the iPad or Android pads and cell phones organize playlists alphabetically

I don't see a way to do it with the Android app v8.4.19.792 armV7 on a GS7, but I also don't update smartphone apps regularly; only if there's a reason or desired feature update. 

Sure, but allowing the feature as a filter gives everyone what they need.
As you increase the size of your library being able to organize is useful
and not everyone has the same way of organizing. Search is useful, but not
all encompassing.
You could do both, alphabetically sort but then maybe manually drag the most played playlists to the top. The rest remain in alphabetical order

heck yeah, I would love this as a feature we could set


I am so fed up that **bleep**tyfy don't listen to anyone that I am now cancelling my membership after many years so sod off Spotify.


2 ideas:

1) Spotify should create an additional buttons (or right-clicks) like "Move this playlist to the bottom of the List of Playlists", "Move this playlist to the top of the List of Playlists", etc

2) Sorting playlist names alpabetically should be one click of a button. Embarassing that Spotify does not have this... just 1 hour of coding work!!



If you create an Alphabetical Sorting function, it should be a ONE TIME effect, i.e. dont permanently lock my List of Playslists in alphabtical order... coz after making alphabetical I then want to be able to do a little manual shuffling too.


YES YES YES!  Please please please!  Seems a no-brainer.


I'm kudos'ing every one of these messages from the link in the email notifications I get, just to give the contributing listeners some acknowledgement and support for taking the time to come here and navigate this horrible forum UI and contribute feedback to the topic.


I figure someone should - Spotify sure as h#$* doesn't seem to be acknowledging anyone.


This isn't one of those cases of entitled jerks and abusive feedback on free apps in the app stores.  This is feedback from paying customers, frustrated with the ongoing absence of a primary design element that deserved attention a few hundred yesterdays ago.


How much feedback does Spotify need before making a move on this?  Granted, it's not an overnight thing, but how about a status update or some sort info from Spotify Development?  Please, spare us the fluff-form customer service response.  Be nice to have some solid feedback on this one way or another.


Well lookie here...

Even though *TIDAL* has a UI that needs a bit of a development (no expanding left-hand nav pane), guess what they do have?  ALPHA SORTING

Yes, A to Z is an option.


How can Spotify offer something as advanced as drag/drop functionality, but not offer sorting of specific folders?