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[Playlists] Sorting Options for List of Playlists

I would love to be able to sort my playlists by Artists, then drill down by album so as not to clutter my Spotify. It's pretty hard to organize my playlists the current way. Any ideas on a future iteration that will enable this capability?

Updated on 2019-06-25

Hey folks,


Slight update to this idea, which we think is worth highlighting. With the recent update to Your Library on mobile, it's now possible to sort and filter your Playlists, Artists and Albums in more ways. 


To find the filters, just pull down on the tab you're on, select filters and then choose the one you'd like. The 'Custom Order' filter on the Playlist section will mirror the order you have on Desktop - which means it's now possible to maintain the way your organise your tunes on Desktop across to Mobile. 


We'd recommend checking out this Spotify Answer for tips on how to add playlist folders using the desktop app. They're super handy for keeping your music organized.


With the search function at the top it's also possible to drill down by Artist in your Album section. To do so, just pull down and type the name of the artist you're looking for. 


Will now mark this idea as Implemented.



It is early in the struggle, seven or eight years, Eventually an actual
human will come upon this thread and realize it.

Hi, sorry but, can we just get the sort alphabetically option? like A-Z? I am talking about playlists not songs within playlists. Thank you.

We have been waiting for only (6) or (7) years so be patient!

There is still zero support for this on the Spotify for Roku interface ... even when I've made my groupings via my laptop [macbook]. And even there, it's awkward AF all in the side-bar with a million clicks to organize a big library of saved faves through the years.... which aren't even all Faves but since there's only a heart-icon to click there's no easy way to save  / flag something for any kind of grouping  while browsing. 

Related:  We really need a way to flag something we want to "Check out later" separate from 'Favorites".


Manually moving Songs around to make a great list in specific orders that make sense so the Playlist tells a story...

If you have over 100 songs, it is tedious and takes awhile... 
You have to manually drag songs around.. and remember around where you put them 
YOU CAN DRAG MULTIPLE SONGS at once to organize your playlist.

When i make my Lexa Terrestrial Playlist which is Trippy, Grunge Hip-Hop, Indie Rap with some Dream Pop
I want to tell a story with all of the songs I have on their in particular order... The fact that i can do this is nice, even if it there could be a quicker way... like typing Playlist Number next to the song to let it move on its own without needing to drag. 


Maybe something went wrong with sorting, since when I went to add a song to a playlist on my iPhone, since two months I Spotify makes a random order of playlists.

I stored them in folders and ordered them perfectly. But I can’t find the playlist to store a song in because I just can’t store the song, since Spotify presents the playlist in a random order.


It seems after the last update, when you exit a folder, whatever order your playlists are in will revert back and not stay fixed. This happens using the windows app and android app, thanks.