[Playstation] Last.fm Support (Scrobbling)

Thanks for the Playstation app!!


I wanted to get this feature request in the door as soon as I saw the note that Last.fm integration (i.e. scrobbling) is not supported. Is this on the feature roadmap?  (Is there a feature roadmap for the Playstation app?)  Thanks!


Updated on 2019-07-12

Hey folks,


Sorry for the delay on this one. 


As @hans-jürgen has mentioned, scrobbling is now works when you play tracks on Playstation. 


You can check out the Last.FM update here.



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Marked as new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search. ;)


I came here to really request the same thing... I was so exicted to see Spotify on PS4 -- just to see I can't Scrobble. Argggghh.


I was so disapointed when I saw there was no Last.Fm support they really need to patch that in and soon because the app is great so far.

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I don't have a PS4 or PS3 but i love scrobling to Last.FM, it would suck to miss out on all that Music Data. So i support this idea.

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I was so soooo excited for Spotify to be on PS4. It was a nice surprise when I discovered it. I played music for a solid 3 hours as I was cleaning my house. Checked into last.FM and was really disappointed when nothing scrobbled! Hopefully this is patched in soon. I'm going to only use this lightly on my PS4 until then.
Another vote for this please. Scrobbling is basic functionality.

came on here to post exactly the same thing. please get this sorted ASAP!

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 I'd love to scrobble my tracks to my last.fm!

I'd love to be able to scrobble on the ps4! Yes please!

I've been vocal about this on Twitter. I was concerned about it before PlayStation Music launched. I had my fingers crossed, that didn't work. Please add last.fm scrobbling to the PlayStation Music Spotify App.