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[Playstation][Podcasts] Video playback on the PS5

Could Spotify solve the problem of no video display for JRE on PS?? Many people use PS as their only in-house media player. This is for Netflix, YT and Spotify. Considering JRE's migration to Spotify next week, it will be crucial to all these users to be able to display the video content of the podcast on PlayStation as well..

Updated on 2023-06-20

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that streaming video podcasts on PS5 consoles is now possible.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


Great work on setting this up OP (k4mi3n) I have made a post on r/JoeRogan so hopefully people will agree with us and sign this thing


It does seem pretty ridiculous that the idea of allowing video to be played on a Playstation is even classified as a new idea. Shouldn't they just implement it? Why the refusal to allow over 100 million to see video? Seems like a mindless oversight that would lose them an extremely large number of views and traffic.


Good news! I've been MIA on here because I've been speaking with higher ups in Spotify and they've reassured they're working on it without needing a voting system. 

   The 1 thing they all suggested is flood the new ideas page with this topic in the subject line. Getting people to vote is harder than one creating a "new idea" in that section with a combination of everyone blowing up the JRE page with this topic. 

   Think of it as a blackout of all other issues until Rogan gets video on the platforms that are missing. 




This is really pathetic. It shouldn’t be a “new idea” it should common sense to have video playback on tv. What’s wrong with you?


Add Swipe 2 Queue for Android


Paying £10 a month and I can’t even watch joe rogan on PS4 absolute joke, it’s 2021.  Premium cancelled.



I am still waiting for this. I haven't watched a single episode. Since the pandemic, I've been working from home and my ps4 is always playing anything in the background. I used to watch almost every episode and I will do it again only if the video is available on the ps4 app.


besides the fact that this should be an incredibly simple thing to do, how in the flying f**k has this taken literally months and it’s still not fixed. Joe even addressed it on a yt Clip. 

I’d like to give you my business but I get tired of looking at a blank screen on my tv


I also have problem with voting