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Please Add Spotify Radio Function to Sonos

I love to use the spotify radio feature on my computer, but I enjoy using my sonos system as well, which doesn't currently have that function. 


I have been reading adding spotify radio is something being discussed currently, so please allow Sonos to add Spotify radio to their system.  I am happy to pay for the premium spotify account as I already am to enable this feature, I just want to have it integrated into the sonos system, so I can actually fully enjoy both spotify and sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Radio is coming to Sonos. Start a new station from the song that’s Now Playing. Or from a search of your favourite artists with the Start Artist Radio option. Enjoy!

sonos gif.gif

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Come on guys, get it sorted. People clearly want it and you seem to be totally ignoring the issue.

This would almost certainly make me subscribe to Spotify Premium instead of Napster Premium


I really look forward to the day where Spotify radio feature is available for Sonos.


Dear Spotify,


As a loyal customer it is disappointing that Sonos users cannot use your Radio function. Please can you give the API ti Sonos to sort this out, as otherwise people may switch to other options. It seemlingly doesn't make much sense to lock out a huge part of the streaming market which uses Sonos from a popular function.


Many thanks for your understanding.


animasantos (User)


Read the below PLEASE!

Music Fan


I cancelled my subscription after this didnt get handled or even replied to for a couple of months and you will not have me back as a customer until this works. Not mad, just saying. Deezer works okay for now, though I would actually prefer to use spotify.

Casual Listener

Its sad that we have multple threads on both here and on the Sonos forums about this....both pointing the figure at each other...yes Sonos *should* build their own apps to connect to the spotify network...if only you would give Sonos access to the API's for the radio function.


Sadly sitting on hands and saying nothing will only leads to further messages like the one above me...Deezer radio works fine, Goggle is launching a service and now Apple have annouced a streaming service....seriously how does Spotify think it will contend with an Apple service if they are not giving the customers it *ALREADY HAS* what they are asking for.


Its not as if this is a totally new function as you already have it built into your desktop and mobile apps!!


Sigh! Come on Spotify!!

Spotify, will you reply to this thread?

It would be a great addition to Sonos, so please add a radio button to sonos!!!!


Not applicable

Please prioritize this, the only reason I purchased a Spotify Premium Subscription was for Sonos.  If I can't get Spotify Radio or other features of Spotify on Sonos, I will cancel and try other services instead.