Please Add Spotify Radio Function to Sonos

I love to use the spotify radio feature on my computer, but I enjoy using my sonos system as well, which doesn't currently have that function. 


I have been reading adding spotify radio is something being discussed currently, so please allow Sonos to add Spotify radio to their system.  I am happy to pay for the premium spotify account as I already am to enable this feature, I just want to have it integrated into the sonos system, so I can actually fully enjoy both spotify and sonos.

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to finally announce that per your request Radio is coming to Sonos. Start a new station from the song that’s Now Playing. Or from a search of your favourite artists with the Start Artist Radio option. Enjoy!

sonos gif.gif

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At last! Why has this taken so long? This is a great feature. I came very close to cancelling my Spotify because this was missing.


**bleep** has this been a topic for three years???  SHAME.  The fact that I can't listen to this on my Sonos, OR vote songs thumbs up or down is a real disappointment coming out of rdio.  I'm a premium subscriber, and I want the premium Spotify features where I listen to them.  


sonos and spotify are now connected however if you are listening  on you PC and want to share with sonos in your house you PC stops playing....For what i pay a month for spotify thats F'ng ridiculous. Fix it!


What if I want a station created from a playlist? It’s an important feature as I use it to find new songs for my yoga class, saving me time and effort


I don't get this at all. I have just "followed" a list of artist radio stations on Spotify and have no way to invoke those stations from Sonos. In fact, I can find no way in Sonos to invoke a Spotify station at all. It's April 2018. Why is this feature STILL MISSING???????


Hello Spotify: I would like to ask you a little favor. Could you include the whole LP of the Spanish singer Angela called Puede Ser El. Angela.jpgIt contains eleven tracks of sheer, charming and moving

doo-**bleep** music.


Here you are a more medley song by the Spanish singer Angela with the group La Decada Prodigiosa. Please, could you please submit it to Spotify canal?