Please Update the Android App

Hey, Spotify dev team. Please update the Android app! Optimize the interface for larger devices (at least include a two-pane UI), include 320kbps streaming, include radio (I know, kind of ambitious, but why not? Seeing as we already have Pandora and whatnot), and include folder support. Just some suggestions, please take note thanks! Long Live Spotify!

Yeah ! Like this please update UI and more see deezer app that cool ! Thanks
Please also add metadata for album/song/artist via Bluetooth as well...
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ther is monay request best the must should be they fix existing bugg who yous sating offline with Honeycomb Android device


I will love the spotify team forever if they update the UI for ICS. The current app is looking so dated.

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yea, thanks for updating the IOS app that worked 100% already, now would you like me as a customer again? ICS does not work right.  please get this taken care of.  why pay for unlimited if you cant use it?!?

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Android update is loooong overdue!!! Please update. Thank You.

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AMEN! I love how all of these companies just spend all their time and money making the iOS apps that much better than Android. I don't understand why as Android has more market share than iOS does across the world. My wifes iPhone runs spotify without any hickups, its like a totally different service compared to the POS android app we've been provided.

I seriously considering just going back to rhapsody or MOG; at least their Android apps are kept up-to-date with the same functionality as iOS.

It's sad really since i've been the biggest fan of spotify since its release in the US. Once i saw the new update to spotify that added a better bitrate for iOS and left Android in the dust, i was totally turned off


Yes, please update!


Yes, please!  The new Rdio app is making yours look very very bad.  I'm paying you both right now but I find myself using Rdio much more often than Spotify and one of you is going to have to go....

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yes, you should update it.
i'm actually only on spotify because rdio is not available in austria.
not yet...