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Please bring back the Enhance button

For a few weeks there was an option to enhance Spotify playlists, where songs similar to your taste would be added. I enjoyed this feature and think it should be brought back.


Updated on 2021-09-10

Hey music lovers 🎶


You'll be happy to know that Enhance Playlists are now available on iOS and Android mobile devices - You can read more about it here.


Just bear in mind that the new feature will be gradually rolled out, so it might take a bit until everybody has access to it. 


Once again, thanks for showing your support here on the Community!


Great feature - glad it's been rolled out to everyone!


Plz Bring it back. It’s a big request. Totally loved that feature!


I still not see it back on my android device. Reinstalled the app, latest version, etc. 


It also doesn't show on the webplayer.


Honestly, I don't get why the button is removed. It brought me so much joy, not needing to search trough all of those playlists which mainly show the songs that I've already liked. Don't tease us like that Spotify 😛


I think the 'Enhance' feature was changed to 'Smart Shuffle', which seems to shuffle your songs and add recommendations in the shuffle. The thing is, I never use the shuffle feature. I enjoy putting my songs is a specific order and occasionally getting a new suggestion like the Enhance feature did. Can you please bring back the Enhance feature as it was, without the need to shuffle songs?


Smart Shuffle is so much worse than Enhance was. It was a simple toggle button and you could clearly see the songs that were added. Now with "smart shuffle" you have to go to your que to find them for some reason. It's extra steps and less intuitive. I'm willing to bet that it's literally one guy at Spotify who makes these decisions without using testers to give common sense feedback. 


Bring it back!!


This feature was amazing. Really helped to discover new tracks and this "smart shuffle" idea is really bad. I can't understand the logic. Please bring Enhancement back.


Why is Spotify allergic to making good decisions? They finally strike gold with enhance and then get rid of it for a worse feature. People in charge of this company are so incompetent. Bring back enhance or I’m switching to whichever company implements enhance next


Stop thinking for over people. Everybody doesn't use only the app, but also on computer. Re-add this button please. Thanks