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Right now on mobile devices, once you're done listening to a podcast, nothing happens. There's no signal that you've already listened to it or anyway to mark it as listened to except for clicking on it and dragging the time bar to the end of the episode. On the computer interface there's a little blue bar that shows you if you've listened to it or how far into it you are, but there's also no way to easily signify if you've already listened to the episode. There should be some way, whether its a blue wheel or another visual form that shows people if they've listened to a episode or not, and there should also be a way to click the control for an episode and mark it as already listened to.

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks!


This has now been implemented. You can find the 'Mark as Played' button by clicking the three dot menu next to Podcast episodes on Mobile. 




You can also check out how much of a show you've listened by checking out the green progress bar and time indicator. It'll say 'Played' once a Podcast is complete. 



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Updated on 2017-07-28

Nice idea! Marked as a new idea and edited the title slightly to make it easier to find via search 🙂

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Not being able to mark episodes from podcasts I subscribe to as played/unplayed is a deal breaker for me.


1) I only want to listen to podcast episoides I have not heard and when I finish one on Spotify nothng happens.


2) If I move from the Podcasts.app to Spotify and resubscribe to ones I've heard I need to be able to mark past episodes as played.


Yes, this! I came here to suggest that and happy to see someone already had the thought.


I love using Spotify to listen to my podcasts at work on my desktop but it's almost never accurate tracking what I have or haven't listened to already. Would love to be able to mark episodes as 'listened" so I can easily tell when there's actually a new episode.



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Any updates in this idea? 

It's really useful and the implementation seems to be simple...

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@ricardoss we're still waiting on the update. It seems simple, but yet it is what's keeping me from using Spotify for podcasts. 


The first time this was mentioned was back in January of this year. (See post below).




This is a basic need of any Podcast player. The lack of foresight is astounding here. If you expect people to switch to your platform for Podcasts after they have been listening to Podcasts elsewhere for years you need to provide them with a way to quickly mark episodes as played. And not just a single episode, but the ability to select multiple episodes, then mark them all as played. Look at Radiolab or This American Life they have hundreds of episodes with hundreds of thousands of listeners. How can you expect a listener of these shows to switch to you if they can't easily mark the previous 300+ episodes as listened to already?


Would love this feature, also a feature to keep so many episodes downloaded, so say you finish one episode it will automatically delete it and download the next one. (Maybe also the option to have up to 5 downloaded at once) listen to EP one it's auto deleted and then EP six would be then downloaded. 


This is a must! It is absurd that you can't mark episodes as played.

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We definitely need this on desktop as well. I'd like to use Spotify for managing my playlists across Windows/Mac/Linux but at it's current form it's a bit annoying initially to have to plow through some of my podcast subs that are 200+ episodes so they are shown correctly played.


Yes! I find it extremely frustrating I can't mark a podcast episode as played. Also, I noticed when I pull up my unplayed episodes playlist I no longer am able to edit and remove episodes. This functionality was working in the past but seems to have broken recently which is very annoying.