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Podcasts. Please? Help me move completely off of iTunes!

Podcast support in the client would be amazing. I miss so much by focusing on Spotify and not iTunes, that I miss listening to all of my podcasts. Please help 🙂

Updated: 2015-09-16

Hey everyone. When we launched our new Now page we also introduced a growing library of videos and podcasts. Now marking this idea as 'Implemented'.


watch and listen.png



I have to agree. It should be relatively simple to implement. You may not make much money from it but it would make Premium a far better option....

Status changed to: Implemented


Hello there, sorry for the delay on updating this idea,

We are focusing now on bring more new music and improve our music experience and the team is working hard on different features in order to get this.

We like the idea of the podcasts so we will come back to this in the future so keep and eye on this thread for next updates!

Thanks a lot for the idea and feedback, we hear you all 🙂


Lack RSS of podcasts is your only weakness. Please let me move beyond iTunes.Support podcasts.


Focus on more music!?


This is MORE MUSIC!  I listen to a ton of trance which has an immense amount of podcasts and daily music available.


Why wouldn't you take advantage of this resource?


Build a crawler to collect and archive this music!!!


This would be a killer feature to have in order to stop having to use iTunes once and for all.

Please try reconsider this 🙂



I'm feeling really strongly about this too - I have a huge database of podcasts downloaded and I don't want to synch ALL of them, just the most recent. I really might have to end up chosing between spotify and iTunes over this and I know I'm not the only one. 😕 I LOVE my Podcasts. 


I posted a Duplicate idea - so I add my comment here:


I know that Spotify have started to experiment with podcasts, but I see a big potential for spotify for taking this to the next level.
I belive that Spotify could be the answer to a growing question: What platform shall podcasters use to ensure that podcasts are available to listeners on the go and independet of plattform. Today iTunes is the go-to tool for distributing podcats, which is a problem when alot of listeners are using android and windows phone. 

Spotify have the chance to take that market share and become the go-to plattform for podcasts - and well there conduct the users to become music listeners. 

This really shouldn't be that big of an hassle, simply adding a podcast-specific library where people can create pages and connect their self-hosted podcasts by RSS, much like iTunes does today. This would be a great resource for the growing community of podcasters, and listeners, potentially making Spotify number 1 for all things audible. 

(And off cource each episode shall not be considered an album (as today) which is split into shorter "songs" like today. The episodes shall be in full length and sorted simply in a list by date.)


Would love this feature. I'm considering leaving Spotify Premium because I can't justify splitting half my time on iTunes and half of it on Spotify.


Some news about this? Podcast feature will be amazing


Any news?  Its been over a year since idea was posted!  🙂  Do we get an email if you decide to add podcasts :)?