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[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2021-08-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that we've implemented New Episode Notifications and they're now available on iOS and Android mobile devices only.


How will New Episode Notifications work?
Starting August 17th, a Push Notification will be sent when a Show that users subscribed to releases a New Episode. Users won’t receive notifications for Episodes that they have already listened to.


How do I subscribe to New Episode Notifications?
From mobile, users can subscribe to receive notifications using the Bell icon on the Podcast Show page. If a user hits the Bell, they will automatically Follow the Show too. Users can also subscribe/unsubscribe by navigating to Notification Settings in the Spotify app, and selecting notification Settings, which displays all their followed Shows and subscription status. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I love that Spotify now has podcasts. I love that all my music and streaming can be all in the one place. However I dont really use it because there is no option to be notified when new episodes of my favourite podcasts come out .


The app that I use gives you the option to be notified or not. 

But I get a notification. As soon as it is available .

If Spotify could incorporate this. That would be amazing. It would be make so much easier and more convenient. So I wouldn't have to open the app. Find the podcast and check for new episodes.


I absolutely love this idea. It would be so much easier to have a button at each podcast i follow to have the opportunity to get a notification.


Please do this! it would be super helpful to get notifications when podcasts I follow update. Pleaseeeee!


Would love to see this feature.


1.  Yes I currently use push notifications in other podcast apps. Google Play Music and Stitcher both have push nofications and auto-download features. I do not use notifications for all my podcasts I subscribe to. I like notifications from 2-3 that I want to ensure I definitely listen to. The rest that I follow I simply check in to see if they have new episodes when I am wanting to listen to podcasts, so particularly when commuting.


2.  Notifications are particularly useful because not all podcasts release on a regular schedule and it is annoying to constantly go check if a new one was uploaded in this modern age of notifications. Also sometimes in my busy life I forget to check and miss an episode of a podcast I don't want to miss any episodes for. My experience without notifications makes me want to use a different app because it is too limited and aggrevating with the lack of functionality.



  1. Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows?



I manually enable or accept enabling notifications for all apps, channels and feeds that I follow, which constantly publish new content of my liking.


No, I like being able to select what I want to be notified about. I usually like to get notified from channels that don’t post on a regular/routine basis, and when the type of content that they publish is content that I consume on a regular basis.


Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify?


They allow me to keep track of the type of content that I like. Unlike musical artists, podcasts post content on a continuous basis, and sometimes it’s not on a defined day of the week or even the month. 


It’s good, but it could be better. Most, if not all my podcasts are available, which is nice, but when it comes to certain types of content, I’m prone to using other apps because they notify me and I can just hit the notification and go straight to streaming.


It might not sound like a big deal, but it’s actually more important and useful than you might think. Frankly, I was surprised when I noticed it I couldn’t enable notifications for podcasts. I hope you’ll consider it. Thanks!


It will be very helpful because some podcasts that I follow don't always have a special day for launching their new episode so it's very uncomfortable and annoying to keep opening the app just to see if there are new episodes. If you guys were two launch an update with push notifications on podcast I will definitely delete all my other podcast apps and use Spotify for everything and with everything I mean music and podcast.


1. Yes, I currently use push notifications for other podcast apps and I have them turned on for the shows I subscribe to.

2. I find it super helpful to know when shows I'm up to date on have a new episode. I find that when I don't have push notifications I forget to check for new episodes and miss out.


I used to use push notifications on iTunes podcastsm until I got a new phone. I like the push notifications because there are episodes I want to listen to as soon as they come out, but I listen to so many podcasts that I forget what days they come out. I would get a notification on my homescreen for my favorite shows and could then go directly to them to watch them. I'm also pretty sure that there was an option to only do push notifications for some podcasts, because there are some I don't listen to on the day they come out, but some that I do.


I have used push notifications in the past.


The use case is irregular podcast updates:

- not every podcast is on a strict schedule

- I want to be notified of whats available to listen to 


However, I would say that notification aren’t great for the following reasons:

- becomes obtrusive when subscribed to many

- it’s a temporary notification (unless I action on it there and then I’m unlikely to find it useful going forward)

- it probably gets lost amongst many other notifications (even when grouped on iOS) e.g email, 100 other apps... etc


An alternative would be just a dedicated page with a feed of subscribed podcasts and ability to see last updated dates, sorted by most recent and unplayed. Apps like RSSRadio give that capability and it works better to understand what’s available and at a time

i want to know. 




I would like to suggest you a new track to your playlist:

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