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[Podcasts] Push Notification for new Episodes

All of us Podcast lovers would definitely welcome a push notifications for new podcast episodes. Please consider! 

Updated on 2021-08-25

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that we've implemented New Episode Notifications and they're now available on iOS and Android mobile devices only.


How will New Episode Notifications work?
Starting August 17th, a Push Notification will be sent when a Show that users subscribed to releases a New Episode. Users won’t receive notifications for Episodes that they have already listened to.


How do I subscribe to New Episode Notifications?
From mobile, users can subscribe to receive notifications using the Bell icon on the Podcast Show page. If a user hits the Bell, they will automatically Follow the Show too. Users can also subscribe/unsubscribe by navigating to Notification Settings in the Spotify app, and selecting notification Settings, which displays all their followed Shows and subscription status. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


@__spo__ Just do it like apple, giving users an option for default settings for new podcasts.

Personally, I like to have a small amount of podcasts hence I dont mind having notifications for all of them. They are useful caus I will know when they appear instead of checking the app every day.


Please build this in! I'm astonished it hasn't been prioritized yet. 

1. I use notifications for NPR One. I have notifications for all the shows I follow. As the pop up in push notifications, I swipe away titles I don't care for and leave sit the ones I want to listen to. Next time I want to listen to an episode, I expand the notification and pick the one I want to listen to at the time. This is a critical part of my podcast experience/consumption.

2. I regularly listen to ~20 different shows. So without notifications, what am I supposed to do? Click into each one of them and cross my fingers there's a new episode I want to listen to? Heck no. I'm a freaking millennial.

Please build this! Heck I'll do it for you!


Googled if the notifications for podcasts are in Spotify currently, because it would help me to keep track of my (limited amount of) podcasts. For me, it would also work if the 'new podcast available' notification only shows up in the app. It would help me get rid of my Podcasts app on my phone as I'd like to have access to all audio things in one app and Spotify is my go to music app.




1) I use the Apple podcast app which send me notifications for certain podcasts once episodes are new (I don't think I can choose which ones, looks to me like I get notifications for each podcast I follow/subscribe to).


2) The notifications remind me that the podcasts are there to listen to! There's so much content to take in that it's easy to forget the weekly podcast that come out. Especially on Spotify, where I'm so wrapped up in the music functionality of the platform—sometimes I get sick of listening to music and have to remind myself that podcasts are there as anothe roption. Would love a quick push notification reminder to keep the podcasts top of mind and let me stay in one app the whole time!


1. I currently use Overcast on my iPhone, which sends notifications when a new episode is available.   While Overcast offers show-specific notifications, I have all of them enabled. 

2. Notifications save me time from having to manually check the app and be disappointed that a new episode isn't available when I'm expecting one.  I have this disappointment on Spotify constantly when an exclusive podcast, as great as it might be (see: Dissect), doesn't deliver episodes on a consistent schedule.  


I use notification for podcasts on other apps. I like that I know when podcasts I subscribe to have new episodes because I don’t have to look through them to find out and I don’t fall behind. Along with this, there are some that are daily and it’s convenient to just tap the notification when they are made available. 



  • Do you currently use push noticiations for a different podcast app? If so, can you describe how you typically use them? Do you enable them for all of your subscribed podcast shows? Yes, always - otherwise I forget when a new episode comes out. Please also incorporate an auto-download feature. Basically make it as similar to Apple Podcasts as possible (I can't use AP as I am an android user, so am using Spotify instead)
  • Why do you think they are useful, what problem are they helping you to solve? How is your experience using podcasts now that you don't have notifications on Spotify Spotify just feels much more limited in terms of usability than competing podcast apps. The reason I use it instead of others is because I've had reliability issues with others, but push notifications and auto download feels like a pretty fundamental podcast feature that is currently missing from Spotify... would expect more.



I've read that Spotify is aiming to compete more aggressively in the podcast space (hence acquiring Gimlet). In all honesty, it is a bit crazy that this isn't a default setting for Spotify.


The vast majority of podcasts are serialized, and have regularly-added content. I use push notifications to stay informed and up to date on the podcasts I subscribe to. It's untenable to remember to check all the podcasts I subscribe to on their respective launch dates. Additionally, some podcasts may have "update" episodes sporadically. If I complete a true crime podcast, say, I'm not going to think to go back and regularly check for new episodes, but I'd obviously want to know if there is a break in the case.


It is very challenging to rely on Spotify as a podcast provider when the onus is on the listener to stay up to speed on all of their favorite shows. That, coupled with the fact that some major podcasts (This American Life) are not available on the platform, makes it hard for me to 1) take Spotify seriously as a podcast provider and 2) permanently make the switch to Spotify for my podcasts, when other, older apps keep me updated far better. The cleaner interface is not enough of a reason to develop that new habit.



Hello, is there something new about these notifications? It would definitely improve the app's experience! Getting noticed when an episode is online is helpful, espacielly for podcasts dealing with Game of Thrones topics..:)

I'm an Android user by the way. 

I use castbox and their notifications on all the podcasts I listen. I would like to use a single app for music and podcasts, so push notifications would be great.