Previous/back button for lock screen (Android)

Status: Implemented
Status changed to: Implemented

Marked as new idea and edited it to let it focus on one request.
This might not be implementable since it seems to be an issue with Android Lollipop (some info here).

For your 2nd point about a better place for the close button on the widget - add your kudos and comments to this idea.

Just updated to lollipop. This sucks. I had a back arrow on Andis Jellybean 😞

I would also like to see this function added.  I have noticed that Google Play music does this... has a skip back/pause/play/skip forward from the lock screen.  I like to use Spotify in the car and I don't want to have to mess around with my phone to skip songs! 


Yes, please implement this 🙂

We need this feature please sort it. It's so annoying!!!

It is indeed very annoying to have to unlock my phone just to skip backwards, and as has been mentioned by a previous poster, Google Music has this feature.  


Yes, can you add this feature back in? It was there and was removed. Whats the logic behind removing it?

Also can you add the back button in the bar at the top of screen that is pulled down.

For all those with a Samsung device...I have a note 4. I decided to try the S View flip case and look and behold...the back button appears in the same view windows when using Spotify. I actually like this case a lot more just because of this now!

Removing the previous button actually can get people killed! Those of us that have a screen lock engaged and need to unlock the phone eather with pin, fingerprint or whatever, are in fact subjects of traffic incidents. Instead of just pushing once, you need to unlock your phone and then push, that takes your focus away from the road for maybe 3-6 seconds (depending on type of lock and phone.) Spotify should also make it possible to adjust the size of the widget, or simple just have a big one. I for one, only use spotify when driving, and more than one time want to hear a song 2 times...


@FoxPhantomSix although I support this cause, I think that your comment regarding traffic incidents is out of place. You shouldn't be mingling with your phone while driving in the first place!


Regarding this feature, I also hope that Spotify will implement this change!


However, just in case not everyone here has noticed it (and I know there are a few at least, because I hand't neither noticed that), if you press and hold the notification and kind of pull it downwards, the label will expand and show the full controls (save to music, rewind, pause and forward). Additionally, the close button will move upwards, maybe solving the other issue I've seen stated here as well, regarding closing the app accidentally when trying to forward the song.