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Status: Implemented

My friends and I are devoted Spotify listeners and frequently share music, but the number of songs that we want to share which each other is a bit excessive. It would be wonderuflly convienent if we were able to set up sharred playlists that any member could add track to. By allowing everyone to add music to the playlist we could continuosly shar new music by simply adding it to the playlist.


You offer a great product so far and I can't wait to experience the new services Spotify will continue to offer.


Thank you.


Hi, and welcome to the community! This is already possible, you can do it by:

1) Create the playlist you want to allow everyone to add songs to

2) Right click on it and select 'Collaborative playlist' so it is ticked

3) Your friends can then subscribe to the playlist and edit it as they wish.


Anthony 🙂

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