Queue on iPad

Status: Implemented
The list of songs queued is possible to display on the iPhone app, but not on the iPad app, and it's really inconvenient since I use that feature very often.

Come on, Spotify. Please fix this!

Updated on 2017-07-07

Hello everyone. The Queue is now rolled back out on version 8.4.8. Thanks for your patience! Enjoy.


I totally agree - without this feature it is not possible to DJing with the ipad - it is a must have and I am paying 10 EUR per month and can't use it the way I want.


Uhhh, I tried long time to search this from ui. Good to know that it's not anywhere in iPad app. Very annoying and makes queue totally useless on iPad. 


Please add this in the ipad versjon, this is frustrating and very poor app feeling on the pad. Hope this will be fixed soon, Pretty please!!!!!

Please implement this ESSENTIAL feature. I can't believe that it's still not there. The queue should be editable so tracks could be re-arranged  and deleted.


Common. Unreal that this is not available yet...


I love Spotify. I think it's safe to say that, based on user hours clocked, it has eclipsed Pandora as my predominant streaming music player. I was so very excited to enjoy the Spotify experience on my iPad Air 2, and have enjoyed it quite a bit with the exception of the missing song queue access and the frequently freezing search window. The unexpected addition of the multiple device feature has revolutionized my Spotify experience. Keep up the great work, Spotify, and please deliver these fixes to the iPad app for your devoted users.


You can do it, Spotify! I believe in you!


Cancelled my subscription, can't stand terrible UI anymore 😕


Love Spotify. Need to see the queue on iPad. Sort it out Spotify devs! 


come on guys, this is insane : we are paying for this. this is the most basic feature i ever need...


I've been waiting for this function for ages... Can't be that hard as it's working on every other device ?!


It's getting time to do this now... You slackers!

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