ROKU with Spotify?

New to the forums but not new to Spotify. Recently I was at my brothers house and he had his Roku fired up with Mog and I have to say it was awesome! I argued the Mog vs Spotify with him for about an hour and it was a stalemate however the Roku argument he won hands down. I have looked through the forums briefly and have onyl found a few larthargic ways to add Spotify to the Roku.


I have read on some user groups that Spotify has plans to build an app for the Roku but they don't have a date or time frame. Does Spotify have an official announcement to bring there service to the Roku? I would like to know, if not I am seriously considering a switch.


I use my Roku with Pandora (which I can't stand) and to be able to use my playlists via the Roku would be the kicker that I believe would put Spotify over Mog and best of all I can tell my brother to shup up.






Hello folks, good news!!


This is implemented now!


Check out more info here


Enjoy it!


I also would love to see Spotify on the Roku and AppleTV


Thanks for considering!

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I'm pretty much echoing what everyone has said so far... Love Spotify, Love Roku... why not make it the Reese's of digital apps (two great tastes that taste great together?

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I thought I read that this was suppose to happen a month ago?

It would make my day! I can use it with my Onkyo reciever in the meantime but the interface is horrible. Won't shuffle tracks and is pretty much only good for playing playlists. 


Come on Spotify, let's do this!!!



I own three Roku's and have Spotify premium.  They are two of my favorite things and I enjoy them both daily. If they could be married to one device with a spotify channel the world would be a better place.  They should have little media mongrel babies.


This would be the update I'd be most excited about.  Spotify on the Roku!  I'm tempted to switch over to Apple TV and iTunes streaming.


Spotify + Roku would be a perfect marriage to two great consumer technologies. Definitely a Spotify update I'd love to see!


I have been waiting for Spotify to create a Roku channel to go premium because otherwise I can not use it were it matters most, my living room. Today I found Mog and it offers a service not very different from Spotify AND already has Roku. Do the math Spotify. Just sayin'.

Come on Spotify on Roku!! You can do it!!!
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I actually bought the Roku thinking Spotify was part of it, and was sorely disappointed to find it is not. I do not like Pandora and am really looking forward to the day Spotify is finally available. I will not be joining any other service since as far as I am concerned Spotify is pretty much flawless. I also tried the Plex (dreadful) and Subsonic (would not even load) With Spotify I can have all my own music from my synced PC plus whatever I gather on the service itself. No hassels, easy to set up everything in one place without clunky unfriendly userfaces.


Please hurry up and Spotify Roku!

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I will not switch from Spotify, since I already have built a large library, am following multiple others and subscribing to playlists and I absolutely love it! I though Spotify was already on Roku when I bought it (misinformed by store employee) and I keep hoping this will actually happen soon.