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ROKU with Spotify?

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New to the forums but not new to Spotify. Recently I was at my brothers house and he had his Roku fired up with Mog and I have to say it was awesome! I argued the Mog vs Spotify with him for about an hour and it was a stalemate however the Roku argument he won hands down. I have looked through the forums briefly and have onyl found a few larthargic ways to add Spotify to the Roku.


I have read on some user groups that Spotify has plans to build an app for the Roku but they don't have a date or time frame. Does Spotify have an official announcement to bring there service to the Roku? I would like to know, if not I am seriously considering a switch.


I use my Roku with Pandora (which I can't stand) and to be able to use my playlists via the Roku would be the kicker that I believe would put Spotify over Mog and best of all I can tell my brother to shup up.






Hello folks, good news!!


This is implemented now!


Check out more info here


Enjoy it!


I would pay for spotify services if I could use it on my mobile device *check* as I currently can. As well as on my home stereo media *ROKU* currently can't. Pandora I can which is nice, but pandora is not spotify and if it was on there life would be grand.


Hook us up!


Okay, so I know there are already a couple threads on this out here, but I thought one more would add more noise and perhaps help increase our chances of being heard. You know what they say, the squeeky wheel gets the grease.


So here's the deal, I love Spotify for so many reasons, except one major flaw that I cannot overlook: no integration for use on ROKU. I've been a MOG subscriber for over a year now, and I love that I can listen to my playlists and music on demand through my home stereo system, and that is the one feature I will not sacrifice.


I have spent the last couple weeks putting both apps through their paces for side-by-side comparisons, and while Spotify has great integration with Facebook (is that really a good thing though?) and my iTunes library, MOG's deeper music library (how can you still not have Adele's 21 when everyone else does?) and their ROKU app run away with the show and leave Spotify in the dust wondering what just happened.


I have two weeks left on my Premium trial period, and after that, I will not be renewing until there is a ROKU app in place. Sorry, but all the great features that might make Spotify better than MOG are far outweighed by MOG's ROKU integration.


If you really want to steal my business and loyalty out of the clutches of MOG, you will need to step up your game...




Not a new idea of course, probably here somewhere, but a ROKU app would be SO awesome.  The problem is there is no clean and easy way to play spotify on my own system without using my iPhone or other device (and I need to use it while I listen).  Seems there are rumors of this floating around, but still doesn't seem to have happened.  Just wanted to open this door again.


ROKU rocks.


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I think it's amazing that there still is no Roku availability for Spotify!  I would seriously consider subscribing if it were available there.  The really fascinating thing for me is the lack of feedback from Spotify developers on this topic... It's not in their list of "Under Consideration" or "Planned" ideas.


I LOVE my Roku!  <and Pandora sucks... especially on Roku!>


Spotify for Roku would be huge, as long as they don't leave out the RADIO feature like all of the other apps (WDLive, Android, etc.).  Having the Spotify App on Roku with the radio feature enabled would surely force me to cancel Pandora and signup for a premium Spotify memebership.  Until then, the free desktop app will have to suffice.



Spotify for ROKU:


Spotify Team:


Come on, you support Spotify on WD TV Live, but not on ROKU? NOT FAIR!!


REQUEST: PLEASE support Spotify on ROKU ASAP. -- A MUST.



If you do, that will me me huge incentive to sign up for your premium service!!


Thank You!


Just got Roku and noticed Spotify hasn't gotten their app up.  Cancelling my paid membership.