ROKU with Spotify?

New to the forums but not new to Spotify. Recently I was at my brothers house and he had his Roku fired up with Mog and I have to say it was awesome! I argued the Mog vs Spotify with him for about an hour and it was a stalemate however the Roku argument he won hands down. I have looked through the forums briefly and have onyl found a few larthargic ways to add Spotify to the Roku.


I have read on some user groups that Spotify has plans to build an app for the Roku but they don't have a date or time frame. Does Spotify have an official announcement to bring there service to the Roku? I would like to know, if not I am seriously considering a switch.


I use my Roku with Pandora (which I can't stand) and to be able to use my playlists via the Roku would be the kicker that I believe would put Spotify over Mog and best of all I can tell my brother to shup up.






Hello folks, good news!!


This is implemented now!


Check out more info here


Enjoy it!

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I just upgraded my old Roku XR to a Roku 3.  I wanted the YouTube and Spotify channels and the many other features of the Roku 3.  It is lightning fast compared to the old unit.  The YouTube channel is amazing.  The Spotify app has more limited features than on the computer, iPad, and Android phone.  Searching is painful.  My playlists play fine but Roku channels and playlists don't show up.  It works fine for streaming my playlists, but hopefully they will improve it more.  It's very new so I'm assuming that will happen. On Roku 2 +3 you can plug hour headphones into the remote which is great for moving around and privacy.


Here's another vote to update the Roku - SPotify app. 
It's sadly out of date. 


I absolutely adore Spotify and am a premium member.  Use it on my laptop and my phone, but your Roku app is severely lacking.  There is no access to radio stations, user-created playlists, artist discovery, saved artists/playlists/songs.  It's really basic and, well, pretty much useless.  Any plans to fix this soon?

Part of the reason I got a Roku was to be able to use Spotify in my living room without having to connect my laptop to my TV, and I was very disappointed to find that the interface was outdated and that the features were seriously lacking compared to the Spotify apps on other platforms. I'm a premium subscriber and I love using Spotify, and I'd really appreciate an update to bring some parity with the other Spotify apps, or even just Spotify Connect and radio functionality.
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I'm just going to dig this up to say, THE SPOTIFY APP FOR ROKU PLATFORM REALLY NEEDS AN UPGRADE. Please add Spotify Connect to the Roku. I'd hate to leave premium because it's become an inconvience to listen to music on what is now my only streaming device in the house.

Yeah, I'm going to probably copy and paste the same thing a couple of places because I have no idea where it will be noticed and acknowledged at. The Spotify people seem to be neglecting the Roku owners in their community and it's disappointing. I shouldn't have to do this...


Roku now has a Spotify App but the content is seriously lacking!! I can't even find The artist Tool on there, seriously! The app is about the worst one I've used on Roku. However Spotify is great on my iPhone or iPad so why is this?

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There are multiple threads requesting an update to the Roku app. The best we can get is a "Not right now" on one of them from Spotify. You already have a great interface on other platforms the Playstation.  How hard could it possibly be to port that over to the Roku?  Netflix did it.  So should Spotify!


How about an Spotify app on Roku for Germany. I bought the Roku Streaming Stick for that purpose and had to read that this only works in the US and in the UK. When will this happen for Germany?

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Why, as a premium subscriber,  can't I access Spotify via Roku in Australia?

IOf I cannot do so, I will be canceeling my premium subscription.

I'm not sure why it won't work in Australia, but I'm telling you first hand that I'm a premium subscriber as well and Spotify on Roku is terrible. The format is the worst I've ever seen, it is no where near the same as on my iPhone. For some reason you can only access a limited amount of music. You are not missing anything, I never use Spotify on my Roku because it's so horrible. However on my iPhone it's the best music app I've ever used, I love it.