[Radio] Modifiable Thumbs up/down

1) Change Thumbs up to Thumbs Down

2) Change Thumbs down to Thumbs up

3) Remove thumbs up

4) Remove thumbs down

5) See a list of your thumbs up for a playlist


All of these should exist, if not in the app at least on the website.

Updated on 2019-05-23

Hey folks, 


It seems like this idea has evolved into a lot of different threads over the years. Quite a lot of the features requested do exist, so I'm going to mark this as implemented - but if you feel like your specific idea isn't there please feel free to make a new idea


As a heads up, Thumbs up/down has been replaced by the Heart/Remove symbol across all platforms. Let's address some of the main ideas that have been implemented:


  • It is now possible to undo Heart or Dislike actions in your Daily Mixes, Discover Weekly and Release Radar. If you Heart a song, simply tap the Heart again to get rid of it.
  • When tapping the Dislike button, you'll get a choice of 'Don't play this song' or 'Don't play this Artist'. Tapping either will prompt an Undo option at the bottom of the screen for if you hit it by mistake, or your cat walked over your screen (@dredel)





  • Tapping Heart will save that song to Your Library, so you can head there to check out all the songs you've liked. This will also include Songs and Albums you've saved in other areas of the app. I couldn't find an idea for a playlist specifically of just liked songs (without the rest of the library) so it would be a good suggestion for a new idea.


I hope this clears some things up.


Nice to see 2 years on Spotify is just cashing checks and not reinvesting in their product to bring on of the most demanded fixes to the platform.


At least give a playlists that shows all the thumbs downed songs or a master history of list that goes back 200 songs minimum so people can correct them. For now I'm just glad I discovered this apparently indefinitely shelved request while I'm still on trial so I'm much better informed that Spotify is not taking the platform seriously and I should take business elsewhere. 


It’s really easy to accidentally dislike a song instead of liking it. Recently on my iPad the “dislike” button seems to be applying itself to the current song *and the next song*. It would really be great if there was some way to see what had been disliked and to recover any mistakes.


Seems like the easiest solution is just to create playlists “liked” and “disliked” and let us add or remove items from those playlists, or look at the playlists to see what has previously been added.


A few months ago I sent a question to support asking if they are willing to listen the community, attaching link to this thread. Response was meaningless, just: "We’ll be sure to let the right folks know about the Modifiable Thumbs feature and ask them to take a closer look on that."

So after a few months I came back to them with a question of feedback from "the right folks". The reply is meaningless again: "the team in charge of adding new features to the service has been currently working on new updates for mobile devices and computers. We sincerely hope this feature you all have voted for might be included in future updates by the development team that for sure are working on this."

But here is my thought... there is almost 7k votes for this. Maybe if each of us would send such a request to support, the amount of it would make them listen... it just a moment to write an e-mail to: support@spotify.com


Ok. Emailed support a request.

They really don't **bleep**. Just switch to Pandora, that's what I did.

it's been 2 years... Any news? 


I sent my email to support@spotify.com.

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A quick question. Why would you want to change thumbs up to thumbs down? Surely that would just be confusing?

In case you hit thumbs down by accident and were instead trying to hit
thumbs up.

Or in case your cat steps on the screen and hits thumbs down just to spite

Or in case there’s a bug in the ipad app and you hit thumbs down but it
improperly applies it to both the current song and the next one.
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What's going on with Spotify Radio now?  It's a pre-selected list of songs and you can't refresh anymore to keep adding more music AND the thumbs up/down features are gone.  wth?  This was my favorite feature on Spotify.  You also can't create a new radio station anymore, it's only recommended stations.