[Release Radar] Thumbs up/down on Release Radar

Status: Implemented

Release Radar is a great feature that give us a weekly selection of the newest releases that matter most to us. But generally some of the songs aren't what we expect.


My suggestion is that we can give thumbs up/down to them, just like we do to the radio playlists.



Updated on 2018-11-11

Hey folks, 


We're happy to inform that the Like/Dislike feature is already implemented for your Release Radars. Just make sure you have your apps up-to-date


You can find more info about Release Radar here 🙂


I appreciate the fast response and implementation.  It make a huge difference.  Now I rarely get one of these random swearing raps.  And yet I don't want to say "no explicit" because that would screen out Kid Rock and other groups I actually enjoy.  

I do know my release radar is set up just for me.  I don't get everyone elses I know for sure.  I bet most of  you don't get anything at all in a foreign language and  yet most weeks more than half of mine are in italian, french, german, polish, and I even got one once from Iceland.  I like "progressive rock" whatever the language and these days most of it is french or italian.  Good Job Spotify.


I'd like to add in a comment...
It feels very strange to dislike a song or artist that you actually enjoy some songs of. You just do not want it to appear in release radar...

Maybe wording of "Exclude artist" would be better?

I have an artist on my release radar I don't like. I click the do not like and 'I do not like [artist]' and yet every single week I get the same exact artist in my release radar and every week I click the do not like.

I don't see this feature, and my desktop app is fully up-to-date! Please help. I hate more than half of my release radar!


@ Spotify


The Dislike function in Release Radar does not work.


I have had at least one song by Travis appearing in my Release Radar every week for months now, even though I dislike them every time.


This is really not in keeping with the majority of the music is listen to either.


At this point I think you are just trolling me.


As of 24th of november 2020 there is no dislike function on the relese radar list 


It still is available in their desktop app, but not in the web player, don't know for mobile apps, but probably not there either.


As of Oct 2nd 2021, the dislike button still does not work: every week, a new song by an artist I marked as disliked appear in RR.


I still get song from artist that I mark remove/don't like on every next Friday. Please help

Env: prod